Wondering what to get the best gift for your tech-obsessed friend or family this holiday season? We’re kicking off this Black Friday giveaway with an all-in-one video conversion tool, sponsored by Digiarty. This giveaway prize is a perfect combination of video converter, YouTube video downloader, video recorder & video editor. 

YouTube is the world’s biggest and best repository of online videos, but while streaming video is great for general viewing, there are times when what you really need is the actual video file. For instance, there is some great royalty-free stock footage on YouTube, which much of it free to use for non-commercial projects, but how do you get hold of the video saved and converted to a format you can use in iMovie or Final Cut Pro X?

Similarly, you might want to download YouTube videos to watch on your iPad Mini 4 or iPhone 7 Plus while you’re out on the move, or to avoid the situation that the YouTube video is taken down and you won't have access to. How do you get that YouTube video downloaded to your system, then converted to a format your iPhone or iPad supports? Luckily, there’s an easy way to download and convert YouTube videos, songs, playlists, channels and more with MacX Video Convertor Pro, and for a limited period Digiarty is giving away the latest version free, with 1K free copies being available each day. Just visit and get licensed copy for free now!

To enter this giveaway, all participants should submit valid e-mail address as a prerequisite for giveaway entry. Then there will initiate a pop window containing a download link plus license key. FYI, giveaway version is fully functional, but future updates will be paid. Best of all, you can take advantage of a special holiday deals to unlock MacX Video Converter Pro full version with 60% off or get MacX DVD Ripper Pro with lifetime free upgrade privilege.

Convert HD video for any hardware; Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android

For years, MacX Video Converter Pro has been the leading video converter software that makes it easier for Mac users to get video from the widest range of file formats into formats you can play and edit on your Mac (macOS Sierra/El Capitan/Yosemite all supported). It doesn’t matter whether it’s an AVI, WMV or YouTube video or a more exotic M2TS or MKV; MacX Video Convertor Pro will convert video into a format you can play on your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air laptop, or your iMac or Mac Mini PC. Need it on your iPad or iPhone? That’s not a problem, either. In fact, it’s just as happy converting video or audio for playback on a Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 or PlayStation 4.

Convert HD and 4K video at lightning speed

MacX Video Converter Pro is also the first and only video converter supporting Intel’s Quick Sync Video technology; the video acceleration technology built into the third, fourth and fifth-generation Intel Core processors used in the current Mac and MacBook line-ups. By loading conversion tasks into the CPU’s dedicated, high-performance media-processing unit, MacX Video Convertor Pro can convert video files up to five times faster than other video converter tools. Even full HD and 4K video converts at lightning speed.

Capture, record and edit video, or download video from YouTube

That’s not all this package does. MacX Video Convertor Pro isn’t just a useful tool but a creative one. It can trim, cut, split, merge, crop and add subtitles to videos, while it has built-in tools for turning photos into slideshows, complete with background music. It can record video directly from your OS X desktop or webcam, too. However, perhaps its most exciting extra feature is it is built in an excellent YouTube video downloader that does the trick to download videos from YouTube directly, plus over 500 other video streaming and sharing sites. The online video downloader will even work with the latest 4K Ultra High Definition video streams, thus making 4K UHD video download a piece of cake.

With just a few clicks you can download video from YouTube in any format and resolution provided, including full HD 1080p, 1440p and Ultra HD 4K 2160p. You can then convert YouTube video downloaded into a wide range of supported formats and resolutions, so that it’s ready to play on your iPhone 7/6S, iPad Pro or iPad Mini 4, or edit using Final Cut Pro X and iMovie. You can use the video footage you download from YouTube in your own home movies or create your own mash-ups and make your friends laugh. Whatever you want to do, and whatever device you want to do it on, MacX Video Convertor makes it easy.

How to Download and Convert YouTube Videos by Using MacX Video Converter Pro

1. First download and install MacX Video Convertor Pro for free then launch the app. To download and convert a video from YouTube (or other sites), just click the YouTube icon at the top. The YouTube video downloader tool will open. 

2. Now open your browser, head to https://www.youtube.com and find the video to download from YouTube or other online sites. Go up to the address bar on your browser, and copy the YouTube URL by highlighting it to select it, then pressing Cmd + C. Now go back to MacX Video Convertor Pro and click the add link button, top-left in the toolbar. Either click the paste and Analyze button, or press Cmd + V to paste the URL into the address bar, and click the Analyze button.

3. The software analyses the stream then gives you a choice of file formats and resolutions. Just select the desired format and resolution of the YouTube video to download, then click OK. Now check the target folder is correct and tick the checkbox next to Auto Add to Convert List. Click the Download Now button and your video will start downloading. It ensures fast download speed and high video quality.

4. Once the YouTube video is downloaded, it’s time to convert the downloaded YouTube video. Click the red close button in the top-left corner of the Window, and MacX Video Convertor Pro will switch back into conversion mode, with your new file already selected for conversion. All you need to do is pick the right Output Profile. The software has loads of preset profiles for Macs, MacBooks, iPhones and iPads, plus a range of Windows and Android PCs and devices. Here we’re converting the YouTube video for viewing on an iPad Mini 4. Make your selection, and use the quality slider to priorities quality or speed – the middle setting gives you a great balance. Now click Done. 

5. Look at the bottom-right corner of the MacX Video Convertor Pro window and make sure the Use High Quality Engine checkbox is ticked to optimize the end result. Now click Run and the software goes to convert YouTube video. Here we’re getting real-time 4K conversion rates on a 2013 Mac Mini with a Core i5 processor. Faster and more recent Macs will rip through even lengthy 4K conversions in a matter of minutes.

6. Once the YouTube video conversion process has finished, you’ll be left with stunning quality, ultra HD video in a format that’s perfect for your device or editing application. And while we’ve just handled the one video here, MacX Video Convertor Pro is just as happy handling batches of YouTube videos, downloading then converting them from the list.

MacX Video Convertor Pro is a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use package that makes all kinds of video-related tasks much easier. It's spam, virus and problem free. Download your free copy by visiting https://www.macxdvd.com/giveaway/black-friday-deals.htm?mw . It’s free, fully functional and advertising-free.