With Flappy Bird now missing from the app store you might feel out of luck for Flappy Bird gaming. However fear not, where Flappy Bird once tread a host of clones now bravely follow. However, which is the best Flappy Bird-style game for iPhone? We look at the Flappy Bird replacements.
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Flappy Bird Alternative: Fly Birdie

Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer

Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer is the only one to outright call itself Flappy Bird in its title, suggesting that Flappy Bird is now a type of game, rather than just a game. Fly Birdie has better graphics than Flappy Bird and soothing calypso music in the background, it also has much wider pipes so is less rage-inducing than Flappy Bird. The gravity is different too, to our mind the flaps are less powerful. On the whole Fly Birdie is marginally better than Flappy Bird in a way that simply makes it worse: Fly Birdie is boring.
Flappy score: 4 Flappy Birds out of 5

Flappy Bird Alternative: Ironpants


Ironpants was one of the first Flappy Bird-style clones, and is therefore one of the few Flappy Bird games here not to feature a bird, or use the word Flappy. Visually, Ironpants is every bit as bad as Flappy Bird, but your main character is a superhero who flies heroically around crates, instead of pipes. The gameplay is different to Flappy Bird and you hold down the screen to fly up, and let go to fly down. It has the same vertical style as Flappy Bird but is faster and less precise. Sweet lord! Ironpants is a tough game. You think Flappy Bird was hard to play? Hah! We think Ironpants is too hard to even laughably enjoy. But your mileage may vary.
Flappy score: 3 Flappy Birds out of 5

Flappy Bird Alternative: Copter Classic

Copter Classic

Copter Classic pre-dates Flappy Bird so has the kudos of not being a Flappy Bird clone. Copter Classic is probably just swanning along enjoying the coverage. Copter Classic has a horizontal view and you hold up to rise, and let go to go down. So it plays quite differently to Flappy Bird. The copter flies through green tunnels and you avoid green boulders. We found the Replay and Start button cheekily close to the advertising though, and occasionally you open an ad rather than restart the game, which is annoying. The game itself is probably the best on display here, which makes it still substantially worse than any real game.
Flappy score: 4 Flappy Birds out of 5

Flappy Bird Alternative: Flappy Bee

Flappy Bee

Is it Flappy Bee, or Happy Bee? The App Store says one thing, the game says another. Flappy Bee has a horizontal view and you hold the screen to fly up; let go to go down. Happy Bee introduces a new mechanic, of collecting honey. And the blocks are not narrow pipes but just the odd crate to avoid. Happy Bee is much easier than Flappy Bird, which manages to make it way more pointless. Terrible music as well. Our least favourite game here.
Flappy score: 1 Flappy Bird out of 5

Flappy Bird Alternative: Fluffy Bird

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Fluffy vs Flappy Birds

Like Happy Bee you hold to go up and collect stuff: coins and gems while avoiding bricks. This time you seem to have some sort of immunity to the ground, so you die even less often. Somehow just by being marginally better, Fluffy vs Flappy Birds becomes infinitely worse. It manages to have none of frustration of Flappy Bird, which takes away much of the point. Fluffy vs Flappy Birds is less funny than Flappy Bird, apart from the presence of in-app purchases which made us laugh-out loud: spend $9.99 for 100,000 coins. Which you can spend on new types of bird.
Flappy score: 2 Flappy Birds out of 5

Flappy Bird Alternative: Splashy Fish

Splashy Fish

This is the one. Rather than mess about with groovy music, horizontal views and in-app purchases Splashy Fish takes the Flappy Bird mechanic and re-creates it. It can’t be that hard, can it? Splashy Fish is a pretty good clone of Flappy Bird. We’re sure Flappy Bird purists can tell the difference, but to us this is Flappy Bird with a fish instead of a bird and columns instead of pipes. Every bit as tatty as the original, and you only have to tap once to restart as well. Which is a bonus. Doesn’t have the meme quality though, so don’t blame us for wasting your life.
Flappy score: 5 Flappy Birds out of 5 (which is still a 1 Star game though)

Flappy Bird Alternative: Flying Plane

Flappy Plane

Oh this one is terrible. Just terrible. Flappy Plane (AKA Flying Plane) somehow manages to make Flappy Bird look good. Flappy Plane is a sideways horizontal scrolling game, like Copter, but with grey and green blocks. Depressingly bad.
Flappy score: 1 Flappy Bird out of 5

Flappy Bird Alternative: City Bird Flyer

City Bird - Flappy Flyer

City Bird is another serious clone. City Bird is like Flappy Bird and even has a bird for a character, but with tower blocks instead of Mario pipes. City Bird is actually not that bad, although to our mind the mechanics aren’t quite right and the towers are wider than the pipes. This makes it even harder than Flappy Bird, but it could just be a case of getting used to the new physics. Like a lot of games here, City Bird suffers by being marginally slicker than Flappy Bird, and therefore less likeable. Also has full-screen ads, which are easy to tap. At least that takes you away from the game though.
Flappy score: 4 Flappy Birds out of 5

Which Flappy Bird Alternative is the best?

Splashy Fish gets our vote for the best (ie: closest) alternative to Flappy Bird. Although without the meme-tastic quality you’re left with the same game, which really, truly, honestly isn’t very good. You do know Flappy Bird is a joke, right? Are you sure you wouldn’t rather just go and play something good instead?

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All of the Flappy Bird games here are free. Some have in-app purchases, offering three lives and so on. One game, Flappy Jellyfish, is charging 69p which we think is a bit ambitious; but everyone loves a chancer. Let us know if you bought it and if it was worth it.

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