Apple devices are expensive. Even its cheapest handset, the new iPhone SE 2 still costs £419 to start. With iPhones releasing annually, it makes little sense to throw money away on upgrades when you can buy refurbished or trade in your old device.

But where do you start? And how do you get the best value?

Enter musicMagpie. Established in 2007, the UK-based company provides a quick and hassle-free way to trade in your unwanted gadgets and instantly earn cash towards a certified refurbished Apple product – while keeping tech waste out of landfills.

Whether you want to earn money on your old iPhone or iPad, upgrade to the latest Apple device at the best price, or just feel good for making the eco-friendly choice, here’s why musicMagpie should be your go-to destination for a top Apple deal.

musicMagpie prices outshine the Apple Refurbished Store

It’s likely you’ve browsed the Apple Refurbished Store already. While discounts are aplenty, the choices are limited to models in at the time – so you may not even find the iPhone or iPad you’re looking for. And if you did, you would still pay more.

The latest iPhone at the Refurbished Store now is the 2017 iPhone X – at a whopping £699. At musicMagpie, not only can you pick up the iPhone X for £399.99, you can also get any iPhone 11 device with prices starting at £619.99.

Like certified refurbished from Apple, musicMagpie’s offerings go through a rigorous repair and testing process of over 90 tests conducted by highly trained professionals. Every device is backed with a free 12-month warranty.

Earn cash not credit on old tech

Unlike Apple’s trade-in however, which gives customers credit towards a new device, musicMagpie offers customers cash – to spend or save it as you wish.

Apple’s trade-in doesn’t offer cashback on non-Apple products either, whereas musicMagpie accepts everything from old phones, tablets, and gaming consoles to books, CDs, DVDs, and even LEGO sets.

Now get 10% extra on all trade-ins and a maximum of £20 extra on phones at musicMagpie with code MAGPIE10.

musicMagpie’s pricing is also instant. Just head to its Sell section and search your device to get your quote. If you’re selling media (CD's, DVD's and games), just scan the barcode on books and media using the free musicMagpie app.

Your quote is reserved for 14 days giving you the time to find your ideal Apple device and to send in your old tech. musicMagpie’s Price Promise also guarantees you get paid the full amount you’re quoted, or you get your items sent back for free.

Unparalleled trust and the sustainable choice

musicMagpie offers a level of service and trust you can’t get elsewhere – certainly not from marketplaces like eBay, Gumtree or Facebook where the quality of what you’re buying and who you’re buying from is uncertain.

musicMagpie not only offers a guaranteed price for 14 days but is the fastest to pay out. You get paid by bank transfer or PayPal the same day musicMagpie receives your devices.

Aside from converting old tech into cash, musicMagpie keeps electronic waste out of landfills – an issue particularly problematic to the UK.

According to a study by Statista, the UK was one of the largest e-waste producers globally in 2016, creating over 1.6 million tons of e-waste. When sent to landfills or burnt, e-waste produces hazardous chemicals that pollute the ground and air, endangering lives in local communities.

The solution? A circular economy – which is the founding philosophy of musicMagpie. In a circular economy, products don’t have a single use life cycle but are recovered and reused.

musicMagpie refurbishes 95% of everything it receives. If it can’t be refurbished, the parts are used to refurbish other devices. Unsurprisingly, What Mobile Awards’ – the UK’s biggest mobile consumer-voted awards – named musicMagpie the Best Recycling Service for 4 years, consecutively, since 2016.

Contact-free delivery during Covid-19

In these difficult times, musicMagpie offers contact-free delivery too, so you can receive your iPhone safely. If it doesn’t fit your letterbox, musicMagpie ensures it’s left at your doorstep and that you’re notified.

Sellers also benefit from a contact-free courier collection – and it’s totally free. Just send in at least £5 worth of items, along with any tech worth under £400 and have it collected from your door.

Aside from helping the planet with musicMagpie, you also help the NHS. Right now musicMagpie is donating £1, for every item that’s traded-in or sold, to NHS Charities Together to support patients, staff and researchers in fighting Covid-19. You can also choose to donate the full trade-in value of your devices or media to NHS Charities Together.

Head to musicMapgie now or download its free app (for iOS and Android) to get started.