There was a time when offices used to go into a slight frenzy upon hearing the tone of a fax machine: it meant something urgent and important had come up. But times have changed, and with it so has the way we send and receive faxes.

Though faxing is still as reliable and secure as always, the advent of the internet has altered how the process works. Today, you can send a fax over the internet without relying on those heavy machines of the bygone era attached to telephone lines. 

In this article, we will discuss and learn about: 

  • How to get Google fax numbers
  • How to fax from Gmail 
  • How to fax from Google Docs and Sheets
  • How to fax via other email service providers (Outlook, Yahoo etc)

How To Get Google Fax Numbers

Using an online service is now the most popular way to send fax messages. In order to do so, however, you need an online fax number. This can be linked to your Google account, thereby enabling you to send fax within Gmail, Docs, Drive and Sheets, and to receive faxes directly to your inbox. 

Google Fax numbers are not actually generated by Google, but assigned to you by online fax services such as CocoFax. Any fax messages sent to your number are delivered to the provider's servers, then converted to PDF and dispatched to your inbox. 


You will need to sign up to a third-party service provider to obtain a Google Fax number. This service provider will ensure all data passing through its servers is encrypted and secure. 

How to send fax in Gmail 

Sending fax over email is as easy as sending an email, but with a few simple extra steps. Using CocoFax as an example, to send a fax from Gmail you only need to:  

  • Open your Gmail account
  • Click Compose
  • Enter a subject line and email body copy 
  • Attach the document to be faxed from your local drive or Google Drive 
  • Enter in the ‘To’ field the receiver’s fax number, expressed as country code+fax [email protected], for example [email protected]
  • Press Send

Send fax in Gmail

If you only occasionally need to fax documents from Gmail, you can make use of the 30-day free trial offered by online fax services such as CocoFax to send free fax


Should you wish to receive fax through Gmail, simply hand over your online fax number to the sender. You will receive the fax in the form of a PDF file, which can then be easily viewed on any computer. 

Receive fax in Gmail

How to send fax in Google Docs and Sheets 

Many of us store our important documents in the cloud, protecting us from the worry of data loss. If you are using Google Drive to store Google Docs and Sheets documents, it is possible to send these as fax messages directly within Drive.

  • Open Google Drive in your browser
  • Click the ‘Add On’ tab from the right sidebar 
  • Select the add-on of your fax service provider and install it 
  • Following installation you will be prompted to authorize the link between the fax and your Google accounts 

  • Select and open the doc/sheet you want to send over fax
  • Select the fax add-on from the sidebar
  • Fill in the required fields and press Send 

  • Once the data has been transmitted, the service provider will send a confirmation email to your inbox 

Faxing from Google Drive is more than convenient. It also allows you to share incoming faxes with other Google accounts, and it's cheaper than traditional fax methods. Furthermore, you can securely store fax backups in the cloud.  

Sending fax via Outlook, Yahoo and other email service providers 

It's possible to send fax through email clients other than Gmail. The process is the same, save for the very first part. 

Send fax through Outlook and Yahoo

  • Choose a fax service provider, such as CocoFax
  • Register an account to receive your online fax number
  • During the registration process provide your Outlook or Yahoo email ID
  • Open your email and compose an email with the document you want to fax attached
  • Fill in the 'To' field as before
  • Hit Send
  • You will receive a notification to confirm delivery of the fax 


Can fax be sent directly within Google Drive?

Yes, with the help of a reliable online fax service provider. 

What file formats can be sent via online fax?

Depending on your service provider, you can typically send .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .png and .jpg files.

Where will I receive my faxes?

You will receive faxes in your inbox of the registered email account. For example, Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo. 

Sending fax online is an easy and secure way to share important and urgent business documents. It is easy, quick and hassle-free. All you need to do is sign-up with a reliable service provider and you are good to go.