When Apple announced the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Edition was showcased. An 18 carat gold Apple Watch with a starting price of around £8000. Of course, everybody wanted a gold Apple Watch, but short of taking out a loan or remortgaging your house, you probably couldn’t afford it. It seemed like the gold Watch Edition was exclusively for the rich and famous (Katy Perry and Beyonce both have one) - until now.

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Time Preserve, an American company that prides themselves on electroplating stainless steel watch cases and bands since 1995, has showcased their latest service via an Instagram post - gold plating the Apple Watch. They posted the below:

Gold-plated Apple Watch

The company claims that the plating process is safe and gentle, and that using a thickness of 5/6 microns results in a gold plated Apple Watch that’s extremely durable, hard and cannot peel. It’ll cost between $650-875 depending on which strap you have, which may be expensive but is a lot cheaper than buying a Watch Edition.

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It’s probably worth noting that the price tag doesn’t include the Apple Watch, you need to supply that yourself. Also, it has to be an Apple Watch that’s supplied, as the process doesn’t work with the aluminium body of the Apple Watch Sport.

If gold doesn’t interest you, Time Preserve also offers other finishes including Rhodium, Platinum, Palladium and Ruthenium.

Let’s take a look at some of the Apple Watch Edition’s that celebrities were given prior to release. 

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Celebrities that have an Apple Watch Edition

Beyonce posted a photo of her Watch Edition with a custom made gold Link Bracelet, which probably costs more than the Watch Edition itself:

Beyonce Apple Watch  

Yes Beyonce, we’re shocked too.

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It seems like Beyonce isn’t the only one to be given an accompanying gold Link Bracelet with the Watch Edition, as Apple also gifted one to designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfield Apple Watch

Katy Perry also has an Apple Watch Edition, but opted for the (equally luxurious) red leather strap. It seems that she’s a Mickey Mouse fan!

Katy Perry Apple Watch