Apple's first foray into the wearable market is coming early next year in the form of a smartwatch that the company has called the Apple Watch. In October, Apple launched WatchKit to help third-party developers create apps for the Apple Watch, so we've come up with 10 apps that we've got on our Apple Watch wishlist.

We already know a significant amount about the Apple Watch's capabilities and the apps that Apple itself has created for it, namely the Walkie-Talkie app, the Activity App and Workout App. You can read more about them in our Apple Watch hands-on review.

But when it comes to third-party apps there are endless possibilities, and there are some that spring to mind as being particularly useful for the team here at Macworld.

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Apple Watch apps: Zombies, Run!

Macworld's Online Editor, David Price, says he'd like to see the Zombies, Run! App, currently available for iPhone, come to the Apple Watch. It's a motivational fitness app that encourages you to keep running by turning fitness into a game. You automatically collect supplies while you're out running, which you can then use to build up your base to protect yourself from the zombies outside the walls that are threatening to eat you…

If the app worked with the Apple Watch, you'd be able to see when you've collected vital medicine, batteries or ammo while you're actually running without having to dig out your iPhone. You'll also know if the zombies are about to catch you in the Zombie Chase interval mode. See also: The 93 best iPhone games

Apple Watch apps: Smart transport advice

David also suggests that smart transport advice would be handy to have at your wrist. "I want to be able to set parameters on my Apple Watch so that as I pull into my Underground Station (which is actually overground, so I can get a signal) it automatically registers where we are, pulls in data from TFL about the nearest bus stop, and sends that information to the screen. So I get off the tube, look at my watch and it's already saying '3 minutes until the next bus arrives'. It knows which bus I'm interested in, and when I'm going to want to know about it."

This could be achieved by a third-party app, but actually, if Apple builds in public transport information into Maps in iOS 9 or an earlier point version of iOS 8, then this could all be handled in Maps itself.

Similarly, PC Advisor Editor Jim Martin wants an app that lets you know when the next train is coming, so you'll know whether to run for it or take a leisurely stroll.

Apple Watch apps: Movement reminder

Editor of Macworld, Karen Haslam, has some ideas about she wants from the Apple Watch too.

She'd like to see an app that alerts you if you've been sedentary for too long, encouraging you to get up and move around. It could also tell you to take a break and sit down for five minutes if the opposite was true.

Karen will be pleased to hear that Apple's Activity App has a feature a bit like her suggestion, aiming to encourage you not to sit down all day. See also: Best apps that use Touch ID

Apple Watch apps: Shazam

We wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion. Being able to instantly find out what song is playing without needing to get your iPhone out of your pocket would be great.

Apple Watch apps: Hot or cold app to help you find things

A fun suggestion from Karen is a hot/cold app that would tell you if you're getting closer or further away from finding something like the old hot and cold game you used to play as a kid.

It could make an enjoyable treasure hunt game, but could also be more useful if it used haptic feedback to help you find something you've lost, a friend you're meeting or your car in the car park (as suggested by Jim) without needing to follow a map.

Apple Watch apps: Bike speedometer

As a keen cyclist, Jim would like his Apple Watch to be able to replace a bike computer, tracking the speed and distance travelled on a bike and feeding that information back to you through the Apple Watch, and also on an accompanying iPhone/iPad app. See also: 5 HealthKit compatible apps

Apple Watch apps: A messaging app with a keyboard

Jack's suggestion will be tricky to achieve, but we're sure there's a developer out there who's trying.

Apple Watch apps: FaceTime

This won't be possible when the Apple Watch arrives, because the first generation of Apple's smartwatch doesn't sport a camera. However, in the future, we'd like to be able to FaceTime using an Apple Watch like they do in sci-fi movies.

Apple Watch apps: Withings Health Monitor 

We suspect that Withings is working on an Apple Watch app, which should please Twitter follower @digitalhomeboy.

Apple Watch apps: Voucher codes

I'm one of those people who loves a good bargain, so I'd like a voucher codes app on my Apple Watch. It would track my location and bring up offers and vouchers for restaurants I'm walking past or shops that are nearby so I won't miss out on any deals. See also: Best free iPad apps

What apps would you like to see on the Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments section below.