Best apps for students: 10 free iPad, iPhone apps for university study

As soon as summer is over, thousands of students will be flocking to university once again. We’ve put together 10 free apps for iPhone and iPad that will help make the best out of study, travel and having a social life.

By Miriam Harris


  • RRPFree Free Free, Free

Evernote is for those times when you actually need to do work, or want to generally organise your life. The list-making, note-taking and organisational space in this app is overwhelming. 

You can collect notes and create them in various forms – text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs – and sync it all across your computer, phone or tablet.

It also lets you share with others who have the app, which could be great for group projects.

Evernote Plus or Evernote Premium are available at a small cost. 

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  • RRPFree Free Free, Free

Pocket is a great way to save stories, videos or links that you caught your eye online but you don’t quite have the time to read on the spot, or want to share later.  

You can save to Pocket from a browser, Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard and Feedly and more onto your computer, phone or tablet. The best part is you can come back to read even when you’re offline.


  • RRPFree Free Free, Free

A little less on the practical side, VSCO is worth downloading if you care about social media.

The app provides photo shooting and editing preferences superior to Instagram – editing in VSCO before you upload to social media will give you an aesthetically pleasing photo that makes everyone jealous of your life. Don’t deny you want that.


  • RRPFree Free Free, Free

Although this app is only available in the UK for London, Manchester, Birmingham within the UK, you may well be going to uni there, or may at least visit them at some point!

Citymapper is the best app to use when navigating public transport, on foot or bike within these three cities. It’s revered over Google Maps routes and winner of multiple awards. 

The journey planner includes tube, bus, rail, ferry, bike/car sharing and Uber.

Citymapper gives real-time departures and disruption alerts, maps and walking routes that take you down nifty side-alleys you wouldn’t even know existed. 

The app can also be used for any trips overseas, as it works in several major cities across Europe, the US, Canada and more.


  • RRPFree Free Free, Free

Dojo is a great app to have if you want to know what's going on in London, and the hip places to eat, grab a drink and hang out. Again, its specific to London, but some of you may travel into London for a night out if you're not already going to university there.

It lets you know what events are coming up on the day, the next day and the week ahead, and has multiple categories to find the best independent nooks and crannies near you.

Whether its rooftop drinking, cafes, pop ups, markets, threads or beer gardens – this app will give you pictures so you can check out the aesthetics of the place, opening hours, prices and links to Citymapper, Uber and the company website.

It also lets you create your own collections of places to go, and places you have been to.


  • RRPFree Free Free, Free

Calling itself number one for Flashcards, this app will help you to memorise notes for last-minute cramming surreptitiously on the bus – and it saves you paper, which saves trees. Need more be said?

iStudiez Pro

  • RRP $2.99 £2.99 £2.99, $2.99

iStudiez Pro can display your schedule in a way that’s easy on the eye for a quick glance at your day, and also means you don't have to carry around a diary. You can even share your schedule to other calendar apps – great for checking if someone has a similar timetable to you.

It also lets you create colour-coded lists of your assignments and various subjects, linking due dates to your calendar of choice on your iOS device.


  • RRPFree Free Free, Free

BigOven is a hub of more than 350,000 recipes. Even though university is the time in life you can probably get away with minimal cooking, it’s also the time you should be curating your culinary skills and experimenting with flavours different to what you ate at home. 

If you’re cooking for yourself every night, it can be hard to get inspired beyond pasta and rice.  

But your friends and family will be very impressed if you whip up a Grilled Chicken Breast with Garlic Lemon Marinade and it won’t be difficult with BigOven – no one needs to know you have the app.


  • RRPFree Free Free, Free

Feedly is an excellent, cross-platform app that is a place to gather news from all your preferred sources – it’s a hub for you to organise all your publications into easy categories.

BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph and everything further afield. Whatever suits you, it will probably be easily aggregated in Feedly, making keeping up on news even easier.

You can create your own channels to filter news however you please. It gets quite addictive. 


  • RRPFree Free Free, Free

Many students are already enjoying Uber in major UK cities. You should definitely download this and check if you are in a Uni town that has it! 

It’s the cheapest taxi ride home after a night out, and reliable. It’s also very helpful to track exactly how far away your driver is, and you don’t even need to waste time fishing around for a card or cash – the charge comes directly out of your bank account. You can’t go wrong.