We've seen many app crazes, some that have lasted years (like Angry Birds) and others that fizzled out after just a month or two (like Draw Something). They're the kind of apps that everyone's talking about, and that you'll spot being played on iPhones and iPads everywhere on your commute. Here, we round up the hottest app crazes ever, and highlight the apps that we think are the next big thing.

Hottest app crazes: Angry Birds

Probably the first app craze of its kind is Angry Birds, and it's one of the longest-lasted app crazes we've seen. Those little red birds arrived on iOS in 2009, and since then millions of us have downloaded it onto our Apple devices. It's also spread its wings to Android, Windows Phone and even PC after its successful take-off.

If that's not enough to convince you of Angry Birds' success, then a full-length feature film (coming soon) and three different Angry Birds theme parks probably will. There are now 11 different Angry Birds games available, ranging from Angry Birds Seasons to Angry Birds Star Wars, too.

Hottest app crazes: Draw Something

Remember those few weeks when EVERYONE was playing Draw Something? It's the Pictionary-like game that offered you a word or phrase, that you then had to draw and send to a friend in the hopes that they'd guess it correctly. We admit, we got sucked into the Draw Something craze, but it was very short lived. In fact, there's a Draw Something 2 available, and most people we've asked didn't even know about it.

Within 50 days of Draw Something's release into the iOS App Store, it had been downloaded a whopping 20 million times, which is why it, and its developer Omgpop, were quickly purchased by Zynga (the company behind Farmville) for $180 million.

Hottest app crazes: Candy Crush Saga

Now for an app that still seems to be going strong, despite being launched back in November 2012. Candy Crush Saga, made by developer giant King, is a simple match-three puzzle game similar to Bejeweled that uses sweets as its subject rather than precious gems.

Its success is still a bit of a mystery to us, but King has clearly done something right to make this game addictive and to keep people playing it.

The app did get some negative press earlier this year, though, first when King tried to trademark the words 'candy' and 'saga,' and then for trying to sue the developer of an app it appears to have copied.

Find out more and see other games similar to Candy Crush here.

Hottest app crazes: Flappy Bird

The success of Flappy Bird was so sudden and widespread that the developer actually decided to remove it from the App Store completely, so there's no way of telling how long that craze would have lasted for.

It was a ridiculously addictive but incredibly hard game that everyone was talking about earlier this year, when it had a sudden rise in popularity despite being released in May 2013. It was removed from the App Store in February 2014, because apparently Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen felt guilty about its addictive nature (we find that a little odd).

The game was removed from the iOS App Store when it was just at its peak, which led to iPhones appearing on eBay and selling for silly high prices just because they had Flappy Bird installed.

The good news for Flappy Bird fans is that Nguyen has said Flappy Bird 2 is coming in August, and that it will be less addictive.

Hottest app crazes: 2048

A very recent app craze is 2048, a game that was actually a rip off of Threes (see: Threes review). It's a really addictive number puzzle game that requires the player to slide and match up blocks in a grid, doubling them until they reach (or surpass) 2048.

It only took developer Gabriele Cirulli one weekend to create 2048, which is annoying because it took Threes developer Sirvo 14 months to come up with the concept and perfect the game.

Hottest app crazes: 100 Balls

The most recent app craze is 100 Balls, a new game that we've found ourselves playing on our journey to work this week.

The concept is simple – you tap to release balls from their container, aiming for cups that are on a continuous loop. As the levels progress, the cups speed up, so you'll need to adjust your technique. Plus, there are coloured cups that'll make the balls worth more points if you manage to get them in. The game continues until you've dropped all 100 balls, and the aim is to have the highest score possible.