Best weather apps


With a long-range, 15-day forecast and useful at-a-glance temperature graphs, Accuweather is a comprehensive weather app. We also like the ‘RealFeel’ temperatures and that you can get a personal forecast for outdoor sports, DIY and other activities.

You get a clear summary of what the weather is like right now, with an indication of any change coming up. Scroll down to see what to expect for the rest of the day, the current levels of humidity, wind speed, cloud cover, presure, and so on.

We liked the fact that during snowmageddon (AKA the Beast from the East) which hit the UK in February 2018 we could see exactly where the snow was falling, tanks to the radar images (which you can see if you swipe right from the left edge of the screen). Also handy is the ability to see what's ahead with a dial that shows you how the weather will change over the next couple of hours.

The Hourly Forecast is there for those of you who want to know when the best time is to nip out to the shops. Scroll alomg to see how the weather will progress over the next few days.

If you want to go a little further ahead in time, the Daily Forecast runs to 15 days and for each of those days there will be the temperature high and low, a one sentence description of the weather that day, and your percentage chance of precipitation. 

There's even more information below that including the sun and moon phases and a map of your location, which if you click on it will take you to a moving weather map that will show how the weather will develop across the whole of the country.

You can set up your favourite locations by town name, or by postcode. The app will show the weather at your current location as long as you allow it to access Location Services.

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Best weather apps

BBC Weather

Since we last took a look at it, the BBC Weather app has gained a polution read out, along with its UV and Pollen counts. Not much else has changed other than a few layout tweaks.

You'll see the weather right now (cloud cover in our case) along with today's high and low. 

There's a fourteen day forecast. Tap on each day to see the predominant weather for that day, along with the high and low, sun rise/set and wind speed and direction.

Best weather apps

Met Office Weather

Predicting the weather is a bit of a national joke so why not go for the app from the UK’s national meteorological service? The new Met Office Weather app is free, and provides 7-day forecasts for locations around the world including thousands in the UK.

The new, redesigned Met Office app includes a daily forecast, hourly fourecasts for the next two days and three-hourly forecasts for seven days, weather warnings, a rainfall map, a 'feels like' temperature to help you figure out what to wear and lots more.

Best weather apps

Yahoo Weather

The Yahoo Weather app was actually the winner of an Apple Design Award 2013 and it's obvious why, the backdrop is a beautiful photograph of your location or the weather right now taken from Flickr.

Scroll down on the screen to see an hourly forecast, and the option of a five day forecast or a 10 day forecast.

Even further down the page you can see more detail about the current weather, including the 'feels like' temperature, humidity, visibility and UV. There is also a Today and a Tonight forecast.

Below that is the Precipitation levels expected over the next day or so, split up according to Evening, Night, Overnight, and Early Morn.

Then there is Wind & Pressure and Sun and Moon phases.

Best weather apps

Carrot Weather

Carrot was the winnder of Apple's Edior's Choice award on the Mac, so you should be able to expect a decent app - and so you should, given the fact that it costs £4.99 to download from the App Store.

It gets its weather data from Dark Sky, giving you current, hourly and daily weather forecasts.

It's quite a creative app, with dialogue and characters that match the current weather.

Handy during Snowmageddon was the Rain/Snow predictions which gave an indication of when the next downpour was due.

We also like the Time Machine feature that lets you look at what the weather was like at any locaiton up to 70 years ago.

In the US there is a Radar feature, so you can see things like snow in real time - but in the UK only Satelite images. The accuweather app has a Radar feature for the UK.

Best weather apps


If you like your weather apps spectacular, MeteoEarth is the most spectacular we've seen.

Adapted from a broadcast tool used by TV presenters, it displays a map or globe with your choice of precipitation, wind, temperature and so on superimposed over the top; you can then swipe along a timeline to see how things will change in the next few days, or set it to run by itself.

It's quite stunning, but possibly overkill if you just want to see if it's going to rain today. Read our full MeteoEarth review here.

Best weather apps


If you're looking for something that delivers accurate weather information but is also appealing to the eyes and ears, then Haze could be a good choice.

It uses animations and an audio-visual interface to present weather information including a five day forecast, sunshine hours, UV, cloud coverage, high and low temperatures and wind information.

It also provides precipitation information, humidity levels and atmospheric pressure data.

Best weather apps

Dark Sky

Want to know when it is going to rain? Dark Sky is the only app we’ve used that puts all of its efforts specifically into answering that exact question. It’s so good at what it does, we rarely need to open it anymore - notifications dutifully keep us apprised of when the wet stuff is on its way.

Instead of a map, Dark Sky lets you literally scan the globe by swiping and pinching to find the most intense weather spots. Always visible by way of a transparent layer just beneath the screen, it puts a whole new spin on weather apps (literally) by turning the radar into the forecast; a 12-day span lets you follow storms and watch as they develop and dissipate, giving a greater understanding to just how hard it is to predict the weather.

And while most other weather apps focuses on a few locales of your choosing, Dark Sky encourages you to explore parts of the world you’ll probably never visit. If there’s no precipitation near you, the app will suggest an area where you’re sure to find some, giving you an excuse to play with its stunning interface.