iOS devices are a great way to keep up with the latest news without needing to go out and buy a newspaper. From customisable news apps that pull content from your favourite sources to dedicated newspaper apps from your favourite titles, we've got a news app for everyone in our top 10 news apps for iPad and iPhone article.


Free for iPad, iPhone

Flipboard has been a favourite among iOS users since it launched in 2010, thanks to its simple, intuitive interface and its customisable content. You can subscribe to particular channels that interest you, from news and technology to style and music.

Flip through stories curated from sources from all over the web, and collect them into 'magazines' to read later.

You can also connect Flipboard to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr to see what your friends are talking about.


Free for iPad, iPhone

We really like News360's iOS 7-like design, simple setup and easy to use interface.

When you first launch the app, you can log in using Facebook, Google, Twitter or email. We used Twitter, which helps News360 suggest some categories you might like to follow.

It's easy to share stories you like, and you can tap the thumbs up or thumbs down to help the app adapt to your preferences.

The local news feature is great, too, using your location to pull up relevant stories for you to read.


Free for iPad, iPhone, iPod

By signing in with a Google Account, you can customise your Feedly experience by adding news sources of your choice. Search for your favourite websites and subscribe to their feed to see and explore the latest news published by those sources in your Feedly app.


Free for iPad, iPhone

Closely linked to Feedly (you can actually login to Newsify using your Feedly account), Newsify presents the latest news from all of your favourite sources in a newspaper-like interface.

Turn on syncing to ensure that all of your devices know which articles you've read and which you've starred to read later.  


Free for iPad, iPhone

Another customisable news app is Zite, which has more than 40,000 topics to choose from. By analysing big name news outlets as well as small independent blogs, we found that Zite brings a broader range of news sources than the other apps listed here. It has a gorgeous iOS 7-esque design, too.

BBC News

Free for iPad, iPhone

While we're not so keen on the interface, BBC's News app does provide the latest news from around the world, and offers push notifications to alert you to breaking news as it happens.

The app's edit feature means you can add or remove news categories to tailor the app to your preferences.

Plus, with video reports on most of the top stories, you can watch the news as well as read it.


Free for iPad, iPhone

Each day, you can download a new issue of the Metro through the Metro Phone Edition or Metro Tablet Edition to your iPad or iPhone. You'll then be able to read and interact with the newspaper, even if you're on the underground without any internet connection, for example.

We prefer the iPad version of the app thanks to the big images and enticing layouts, but the iPhone version is still enjoyable to use.

The Guardian

Free for iPhone

Despite the lack of an iOS 7-esuque update, The Guardian's news app for iPhone is still a good way to get access the top news stories of the day. The trending feature lets you find the most-read stories, while the more sections tab lets you read news from categories including culture, books, education and environment.

There is also a Guardian Newsstand app for iPad, but you'll need to buy a subscription to the newspaper in order to download each issue.

The Telegraph

£9.99 per month

Like The Guardian, The Telegraph also has a dedicated iPhone app as well as a subscription-based iPad Newsstand app.

The iPhone app allows you to read the top stories, but you'll need to be a subscriber to get access to all of the content. It's £9.99 per month for a subscription to the Newsstand app - formatted like the traditional newspaper complete with puzzles and cartoons - but that'll get you free access to the iPhone app, too.


Free for iPad, iPhone

We couldn't write a best news apps list without including Twitter. It's not the most obvious option, but using the Trending and Discover features in the Twitter app is often the quickest way to get the latest news.

Stories including the May 2013 Woolwich attack the Boston Marathon bombing broke on Twitter first, with pictures from the scenes and reactions to the events appearing on the social media site almost immediately.

It's perhaps not the most reliable source of news, though.

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