With iOS 8 on the horizon we asked some Macworld contributors as well as Macworld’s twitter followers what features they are hoping to see in the new version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad software. This is what they told us.

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Ways to personalise iOS

KAREN HASLAM: One of the biggest criticisms of iOS, at least if you ask an Android user, is that it is not possible to personalise it. While it's true that there aren't many ways to personalise your device without jailbreaking it first, there is a question of whether anyone really wants to. For some people just being able to change their background wallpaper or move apps into specific folders is enough. However, our Android using friends like to be able to have certain apps available on the home screen and we can see how this could be useful. Along with the date and time there's plenty of room for the local temperature and any alerts you might have missed, although we struggle to think of anything else we'd want to see.

Ability to add apps to Control Centre in iOS 8

"When you swipe up from off the bottom of the screen, you get a set number of items, like safe mode and volume control. I'd like to put one or two apps of my choice there - or at least some settings," Patrick Molloy in comments.

This follows nicely on from personalising iOS. If you could add apps to control centre that could be handy – we're sure we open FaceBook and Mail more often than we open the torch (flashlight) or calculator. But then again, we do already have FaceBook and Mail in our dock at the bottom of our iPhone…

Make Newsstand better or just ditch it

As Jason Snell wrote in his recent opinion article: Why Apple Newsstand needs to go away, when Apple launched Newsstand was supposed to be a showcase for media apps, but all It does is hide them away in a folder, you can't even move your favourite magazines outside of that folder.

We hope that Apple ditches Newsstand from the next version of iOS and lets magazines enjoy life beside all the other apps in the App Store where people might actually be able to find them.

It's been suggested that Apple hates the press so much that it forced digital editions into a folder that nobody would ever look in, that's presuming you were able to find the magazines you wanted to download in Apple's Newsstand section of the App Store. 

A better alarm clock in iOS 8

KAREN HASLAM: I'm sure I'm not the only one who accidentally taps the screen in the morning when I mean to turn off the alarm, only to have to go into my alarms and turn that alarm off and on again in order to stop snooze. Surely it would be easy to add a place to tap under a counter that shows how much snooze time you have left that would turn it off.

DAVID PRICE: What about when you have woken up early and you don't want your iPhone alarm to go off (because it inevitably does so when you are downstairs in the kitchen). How about a 'skip alarm' button for when I want the alarm to go off tomorrow, but not today.

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High-res music

KAREN HASLAM: This is a pet peeve of at least two people in our team here at Macworld. They insist that Apple needs to allow users to download lossless 24-bit audio files in 24-bit format from iTunes. These files would be much bigger than they are currently – at the moment, iTunes tracks are sold in 16-bit lossy AAC format, encoded at 256 kbps.

The news that Apple may be buying Beats has lead some to suppose that Apple might update it's ear buds to support 24-bit audio, there's even the suggestion that a new Lightning cable would support higher-quality audio.

A proper file manager in iOS 8

"iOS needs a proper file manager. I really think they should consider at this point, giving iOS most of the functions of OS X, and letting the user choose how much of the full OS they wish in their UI. Getting rid of the file manager is a huge step in the wrong direction," Azetefano in comments.

Apple would probably argue that by simplifying saving it's made file management on the iPhone and iPad, um, easier to manage. But we do see the value in being able to decide where things should be saved if we want to. It's one of the annoyances about iCloud, for us, that there is no way of filing things by folder or in any logical order. If you have a lot of files in iCloud you will be entirely reliant on spotlight to find what you need and that's certainly not a better way to organise things than saving things in project folders, at least for us.

iOS 8: Camera and photography features

NICK SPENCE: As a keen 'mobile photographer' I would love to see more Instagram-style photo filters and enhancements added to in the next iOS update. Apple improved the photo features of the Camera app in iOS 7, but I still feel it's missing some of the features found free in free third party apps such as Snapseed.

KAREN HASLAM: I find the camera zoom awkward to use, requiring two hands and two fingers just to make it even more complicated. Apple must surely be able to devise a more user friendly way of zooming in on a shot. Even the pinch or expand gesture would be more instinctive than what we have currently.

iOS 8: design

NICK SPENCE: Despite the critics I hope Apple sticks with the visual make-under it introduced with iOS 7. It would be good to see Apple improve visibility even more so with iOS 8.

iOS 8: battery life

NICK SPENCE: Always a big ask, but improved battery life, particularly on the iPhone!

ASHLEIGH ALLSOPP: I’d love to see a battery-saving mode in iOS 8. Competitors including Samsung and Sony have introduced battery-saving modes that help prolong that vital last 10 per cent of your smartphone’s power. iPhones are notorious for fast-draining battery life so the option to quickly and easily disable all power hungry functions to help you make it home without your iPhone dying would be extremely welcome.

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iOS 8: true app multitasking, Split-screen multitasking

"Since a form of multi tasking is enabled, how about a split screen so you can actually do more eg watch a video while writing an email, or conference call," Patrick Molloy in comments.

This is indeed one of the current rumours about iOS 8. The idea that rather than just previewing screens in multitasking we would be able to interact with two screens in tandem. We think it would be more appropriate on the iPad, due to the limited space on the iPhone screen – but then the rumours about the iPhone 6 suggest Apple might be about to launch a bigger screen iPhone

ASHLEIGH ALLSOPP: Another thing I’d love to see in iOS 8 is the ability to run two apps at once in split screen. It could get a little cramped on the iPhone 5s’s 4in display, but if Apple also launches a bigger iPhone split screen would be the answer to many of my iOS irritations. I’d like to be able to take notes from an article I’m reading in Safari, for example.

iOS 8: ability to set default apps

iOS 8: multiuser support

DAVID BRADFORTH: The fact that iOS lacks multi-user support seems daft beyond belief. To be able to share an iPad, with an individual login and hence personal apps/internet history/email and incorporating parental control would have many benefits. A personalised experience for adults, and a controlled experience for children with less chance of accidental in-app purchases.

Lots of people have been requesting the ability to sync with multiple music libraries on one iPhone or iPad. This is a tricky one. Apple always steered clear of syncing one device with more than one persons library because that would encourage people to steal music, and we don't want that. If it's your own iTunes libraries that you are thinking of merging onto your iPhone or iPad you can – you just need to sign up for iTunes Match and then you can access all your music on any device.

However, some couples and families share an iPad, and they want to be able to upload content associated with more than one Apple ID. This makes sense in the case of an iPad because it can be a shared device. We think Apple should look at ways in which multiple users could be associated with an iPad (we think that there'd be less call for that with an iPhone).

iOS 8: Payments via Touch ID

KAREN HASLAM: The best use of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner isn’t being able to unlock the iPhone 5s, it’s being able to purchase something from iTunes or the App Store by touching your finger to the Home Button. I want to have this functionality in other apps, for buying stuff on Amazon, for example.

iOS 8: Better iTunes music management  

KAREN HASLAM: I’d love to be able to easily select songs from other playlists when I am creating a new playlist. Currently you have to know what you are looking for and scan through lists of tracks or band names.

iOS 8: iMessage improvements

KAREN HASLAM: It would be useful to be able to choose to send a Messages as a text rather than iMessage by default when the signal is bad. It’s frustrating to have to wait for a message not to send before you can tap and select Send as Text.

KAREN HASLAM: It would also be great if you could set up groups for messages. Even better if you could alter those in the group list from time to time, perhaps updating it to include new colleagues or friends.

iOS 8: Mail improvements

And what about group emails? Isn't it about time that emailing a select group was made simple? Come on Apple. (Thanks to Matthew Powell for that one!)

Also regarding Mail...

iOS 8: improvements to app folders

iOS 8: Better memory management

KAREN HASLAM: It’s my opinion that memory management in iOS 7 isn’t as good as it could be, made worse by the fact that there is only 1GB RAM to address int he first place. Ideally apps would not be hogging memory after you have closed them, for example.

iOS 8: iCloud improvements

KAREN HASLAM: Recently I was frustrated when iCloud helpfully decided to install apps that I had deleted from my phone. If an app has been deleted there should be a step where you confirm you want it before it reinstalls.  

KAREN HASLAM: Apple gives users 5GB iCloud storage for free and has done for a couple of years now, How about upping the free storage to 10GB, go on Apple, you know you want to…

iOS 8: More iCloud storage

This is a very good point. We think that when you buy an Apple device you should get 5GB of iCloud storage with it. The only problem is that often when you get a new iPhone you ditch the old one, and therefore don't need the space any more… In a few years from now people who've updated their iPhone every time a new one launches could end up with 1TB of space!

Perhaps the answer is to give customers 5GB for their first iPhone, 5GB for their first iPad, and 5GB for their first Mac.

Less space required by iOS 8

Speaking of iCloud space, what about the space given over to iOS on your iPhone or iPad…

This is an annoyance for anyone with a 16GB iPhone or iPad (even more so if you only have 8GB). But we should note that Apple's better than the competition when it comes to the amount for storage available on your 16GB device. 

iOS 8: Siri

KAREN HASLAM: It’s about time Apple’s voice activated assistant made itself a bit more useful. For example, we’d love Siri to read our iBooks to us.

iOS 8: Contacts

KAREN HASLAM: One problem with the integration of Facebook in iOS 6 was the mess it made of our contacts. Surely Apple can come up with a way to better manage contacts.

Game Centre

We'd be happy if we could just delete the Game Centre app. What is the point of it?

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