The iPhone 5c is Apple's plastic-bodied iPhone that comes in five bright colours, so choosing a case is all-important if you want to take advantage of the iPhone's fun design. Here are 18 cases that'll help you protect your iPhone 5c.

Apple's iPhone 5c cases

Price: £25

We've got to mention Apple's new iPhone 5c cases first, despite that fact that we really don't like them very much.

There are six different colours of Apple's iPhone 5c cases available: white, pink, yellow, blue, green and black. The idea behind them (and their holey design) is to enable the colour of the iPhone 5c itself to shine through. However, the "non" portion of the word iPhone also shines through, which we think is a horrible oversight.

They're made from soft-touch silicone, and have a soft microfiber lining to protect the iPhone from scratches. We've heard that they attract rather a lot of dirt, though.

iPhone 5c cases

If, like us, you don't like Apple's iPhone 5c much, there are lots of third-party alternatives. Here is a collection of our favourite, and we'll be updating this article as we see more.

Goo.ey for iPhone 5c


This clever cover for the iPhone 5c allows you to stick your iPhone to any flat, glossy surface. Goo.ey comes in five colours, matching those of the 5c itself and therefore appearing largely invisible (although it does cover the Apple logo).

You could stick your iPhone to the wall during a FaceTime call, or on a surface in the gym so you can work out while watching a movie, for example. Plus, the case doubles as an anti-theft device, as it'll stick to tables and bars to prevent an opportunist quickly swiping your iPhone.

Case-Mate Tough Naked iPhone 5c case


Case-Mate's Tough Naked case features a two-piece design that aims to provide rugged protection without disguising your already good-looking device. It's made with impact resistant polycarbonate with a shock-absorbing interior cushion.

Pantone Universe iPhone 5c case


We quite like the quirky but stylish Pantone Universe iPhone 5c range, available to buy from Case Scenario. With one available for each colour of the 5c, the cases protect the back and sides of the iPhone.

Chalkies case for iPhone 5c


QDOS's Chalkies case range makes your iPhone 5c look like a chalkboard. There are three designs available: Wordsearch, UK and Never Say. The Wordsearch case is particularly fun as it's a real wordsearch that you can attempt to complete. If you get stuck, the solution is written on the inside of the case.

Snugg iPhone 5c Pouch Case

Price: £29.99

If you prefer a cover that'll protect your iPhone while it's in your bag but will leave it naked while you're using it, then the iPhone 5c Pouch Case from Snugg might be just the thing you're looking for. It's available in a huge range of 12 colours, and is currently on sale for just £9.99.

Made with a PU Leather exterior and nubuck fibre interior, the Snugg Pouch Case also has a card slot on the outside and a elasticated pull strap that lets you quickly and easily remove the iPhone for use.

Proporta ninetysix iPhone 5c Dip Dye Case


One of our favourite iPhone 5c cases is the Red Dip Dye case from Proporta, which has a clear top half that lets you see through to the colour of your device, which gradually fades into a semi-transparent red bottom half.

iChic Gear Shock Absorbent case for iPhone 5c

Price: £20

iChic Gear's iPhone 5c shock absorbent case is semi-transparent to let your iPhone 5c's colour shine through while providing extra protection thanks to the raised rum made of TPU rubber.

Incipio feather Clear for iPhone 5c

Price: Around £20

Incipio's feather Clear case is a new case designed for iPhone 5c. If you love the colour of your iPhone 5c, you can opt for the completely clear version of the feather Clear, but there are also six transparent colour options available.

Griffin Survivor Clear for iPhone 5c


Price: Around £20

The Griffin Survivor Clear for iPhone 5c has tough rubber edges and extra protection on the corners, ideal for accident prone iPhone 5c owners. The back of the Survivor Clear is (you've guessed it) clear, though, so you'll still see your choice of iPhone 5c colour.

Belkin View case for iPhone 5c

Price: £17.99

Belkin's View Case for iPhone 5c is one of our favourites. It allows you to see your iPhone 5c's rear colour through a transparent window on the back, but has a colourful bumber to spice things up a little. It's easy to take on and off thanks to its soft TPU design, and is avaialble in black, topaz and purple.

Proporta iPhone 5c Splatter Paint case


Price: £14.95

The awesome Splatter Paint case means that you'll still be able to see the colour of the iPhone 5c that you've chosen, but you'll also get a dash of fun with some colourful paint splatters. It's only £14.95, too.

Cygnett Crystal case for iPhone 5c

Price: £9.95

Cygnett's Crystal iPhone 5c case is a great way to protect your iPhone without disguising its colour, as it is completely transparent.

Incipio Watson folio case for iPhone 5c

Price: Around £30

Incipio's Watson Folio Wallet for iPhone 5c covers the front and back of the device for ultimate protection. It also has three card slots inside so you can store credit cards, cash and ID. A removable Plextonium inner case means you can still keep the iPhone protected event when the wallet isn't needed.

Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5c

Price: Around £40

Otterbox has expanded its Defender series to include the iPhone 5c. The rugged case has two layers, a belt clip and a built-in screen protector for the ultimate protection. You'll still be able to make out the colour of your iPhone 5c through the Apple logo cut-out on the back and the space for the camera, plus, you can mix and match layer colours to add your own personal touch.

Cate-Mate Hula iPhone 5c case

Price: £30

We quite like Case-Mate's Hula case for iPhone 5c, which has an open front and back like Apple's bumper cases. It raises the screen and back of the iPhone off the surface and also helps protect the iPhone if you drop or knock it.

It's not the most protective case ever, but if you want to see as much of the iPhone 5c's design as possible, this could be a good choice for you.

TwelveSouth SurfacePad

Price: £29.99

The SurfacePad for iPhone was not originally designed for the iPhone 5c, but it actually fits really well. We use a SurfacePad on our iPhone already, so this is welcome news! The SurfacePad means that you can still see the colour of your 5c around the edge, but the front and back of the device are protected. It comes in white, black or red, and also acts as a convenient stand.

QDOS Intaglio case for iPhone 5c

Price: £15

A transparent case that adds an extra touch to the iPhone 5c is the QDOS Intaglio. It's not to everyone's taste, because the slogans are a little corny, but the cases are only £15 and you can still see the iPhone 5c's original colour beneath.

Other iPhone 5c accessories

Apple iPhone 5c dock

Price: £25

Alongside the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s and their cases, Apple has also launched a pair of new docks for the iPhone models. You can now buy the iPhone 5c dock or iPhone 5s dock for £25 from the Apple Store.

These two docks are the first Apple-branded docks for Lightning devices, and support the iPhone in an upright position while it charges or syncs. They feature an audio line-out port for connecting to speakers, too. The iPhone 5s version of the dock can also be used by iPhone 5 owners.