The best iPhone 7 cases & iPhone 7 Plus cases

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have a huge range of unique and cool protective cases to choose from. Whether you're worried about drops, bumps, nicks or scratches, here are the best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases we’ve seen so far.


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  • inkcase InkCase
  • zendo nanoskin Zendo
  • iphone 7 leather case Apple Leather Case
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  • terrapin Terrapin wallet
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  • iphone 7 slickwraps Slickwraps
  • mophie iphone 7 Mophie Juice Pack Air
  • iphone 7 battery case Apple Smart Battery Case
  • tech21 evo elite for iphone 7 Tech21 Elite
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  • speck Speck Presidio
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iPhone 7 Silicone Case

Let's start with Apple's own entry-level iPhone case, made out of silicone. You get plenty of options here, as it's available for both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, in 15 different colours. As of April 2018, new hues to join the lineup include Lemonade, Red Raspberry and Denim Blue 

It's made by Apple, so you know you'll get a great, snug fit round your phone, so you can get some added protection without compromising on the design.

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Next Prev iphone 7 silicone case

Let's start with Apple's own entry-level iPhone case, made out of silicone. You get plenty of options here, as it's available for both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, in 15 different colours. As of April 2018, new hues to join the lineup include Lemonade, Red Raspberry and Denim Blue 

It's made by Apple, so you know you'll get a great, snug fit round your phone, so you can get some added protection without compromising on the design.


Casetify iPhone 7 collection

One of our favourite case-makers is Casetify. There are hundreds of cases to choose from, with new designs added regularly and special collaborations available from time-to-time too.

Right now, Casetify has a brilliantly fun Minions collection (£35/US$45), as well as a Wonder Woman (£39/US$49) collection, for example.

But even beyond that, there are designs to suit everyone. They're sturdy and practical too, with some designs offering a swappable backplate if you want to change the design, and all offering great protection for the back and sides of the phone itself.


jimmyCASE iPhone 7 wallet case

The clever jimmyCASE is the best implementation of a slimline wallet design we've seen yet for iPhone 7.

The subtle black rubber bumper protects your phone from drops, while the mahogany back blends well with your choice of colour of elastic. This holds up to 6 cards and cash next to you iPhone, letting you leave your wallet at home.

The premium look and feel is great, and it's pretty affordable with free shipping.


Flavr iPhone cases

We also love Flavr, which like Casetify has plenty of designs to choose from. One style we love is Flavr's stunning collection of handmade cases with real flowers (from £24.90/around US$34).

They're not the most protective of cases as there's not much in the way of drop protection, but they do fit well and will protect the back and sides of your iPhone from scratches. They also have great grip so the likelihood of dropping it in the first place is reduced.

Flavr offers free international shipping. You can also find options on Amazon UK and Amazon US.


Caseology Envoy

This stylish case for iPhone 7 protects the back and sides of the iPhone with two layers of TPU and polycarbonate for a sturdy fit. It has a carbon fibre design on the back for extra grip, too, or you can get it in one of four different colours of leather.

There's also an iPhone 7 Plus version with all the same features (£10.99/$14.99 on Amazon).


Anker ToughShell AirShock Protective Clear Case for iPhone 7

This simple, slim case is ideal for anyone looking to protect their iPhone without adding too much bulk or hiding the colour and design of the phone itself. It’s available in Clear or Smoke, with AirShock technology and raised corners to protect your iPhone 7 from impacts. All ports and buttons are accessible, too.

In the UK it's also available for the iPhone 7 Plus on eBay for £24.69 in the UK and $11.95 in the US.


Peel case for iPhone 7

This isn't the most shock proof case ever, but my oh my is it lovely. Peel make cases whose sole aim is to maintain the beauty of the iPhone 7's design. Even the minimalist packaging says 'we were sick of cases that made our phones look gross'.

There's jet black, jet white (!), blackout, black, silver, rose gold and gold. The latter four are transparent and allow the Apple logo on the rear to be seen. Neither of the seven cases have any branding on them.

It's very refreshing, and adds hardly any weight or bulk. They aren't the cheapest, but they don't feel cheap and we really love them.

Check out Peel for the iPhone 7 Plus (£17.94/$24.99) here.


Palmo for iPhone 7

If you're looking for a case that'll provide you with more grip, look no further than the Palmo for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, a recent Red Dot Product Design Award winner. The intuitive design of the Silicone case allows users to slip a finger or two between the rear of the case and the iPhone, providing a safe and easy way to use your phone one-handed - even more handy for iPhone 7 Plus users. 

Silicone was the material of choice not only because it's flexible enough to stretch without causing pressure on your fingers, but also because it provides a decent level of drop protection. Of course, your iPhone won't survive huge drops like with other rugged cases in our roundup, but it should protect it from damage at small heights.

Besides, with your fingers securely in place between the case and iPhone, it's pretty hard to drop anyway! It's £23.99 on Amazon UK and £19.99 on Amazon US for the iPhone 7 and £26 for the iPhone 7 Plus in the UK, and $19.99 in the US


Wrappers iPhone 7 Alcantara Slip-Case

Wrappers is an indie UK company that has been making natural fabric sleeves and cases for Apple products since 2006. If you don't want to use your iPhone in a case constantly, but want it free from scratches and dents, then this slip case is the one for you.

Perhaps you have the new red iPhone, or you're jealous of it - either way, this red case for the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus looks great with its black check pattern.

The suede looks and feels great, and it's very affordable too.

Check out all of Wrappers' brilliants Apple accessories here.


InkCase for iPhone 7

This case solves a problem that didn't really exist, but it's a cool idea all the same. If you like the idea of carrying a phone and an eReader screen all in one, here you go.

Clip your iPhone 7 into the case and connect via the app and Bluetooth and you're away. You can display photos, upload whole eBooks and view lists with the advantage being it can be static and non-responsive, or a screen to read late at night without a blinding backlight.

Once your iPhone is in the case it's hard to get out, to the point of cracking the e-Ink screen if you don't use the included removal tool, but if you think it's cool you won't want to take your phone out much anyway.

There's one for the 7 Plus as well (around £108/$149).


Zendo NanoSkin EX case for iPhone 7

This smart two layer case from Zendo also comes with a shatterproof screen protector. It offers all over cover from bumps and scratches while still allowing access to the Touch ID sensor, something that some rival cases do not.

You can also slot a contactless card between the phone and the case for subtle payment on the go, while the wrist strap is handy to avoid drops or if you're in a crowd at a gig. A great all round package.

It also comes in plaid colour options (£34.99/US$39.95), if that's more your style.


iPhone 7 Leather Case

If you're looking for a step up from Apple's silicone case, or just want something a little less synthetic, the official leather case is a great choice. As an official product, you're pretty much guaranteed a good fit for your phone, and it's made from "specially tanned and finished European leather" that should develop over time, with a soft microfibre lining to keep the phone itself scratch free. 

It's available for both the iPhone 7 (£45/$45) and iPhone 7 Plus (£49/$49). As of April 2018, you can also expect a few new colours: Bright Orange, Spring Yellow, Electric Blue, and Soft Pink.


Snakehive Vintage Two Tone Black/Burgundy Leather Wallet

If you're looking for something sturdy, stylish and premium but at a brilliantly low price, Snakehive's two-tone leather wallet is ideal. It protects the front, back and sides of your iPhone and provides three useful credit card slots for that extra splash of practicality.

Better yet, it can be used as a handy stand thanks to its convenient folding design. All of that for just under £25, and it's available in a huge range of colours.


Terrapin iPhone 7 Wallet

A smart wallet is always a decent option, none more so than this affordable genuine leather one from Terrapin.

With a magnetic closure, slots for two cards and the ability to act as a landscape stand, this is all you'll need in a tasteful package.

Check out Terrapin's full iPhone 7 range here and for iPhone 7 Plus here.


Greenwich Chrono Folio for iPhone 7

If you're in the market for a premium folio case for your iPhone 7, this one from Greenwich should be on your shortlist. It has a hidden magnetic closure, making the design much more subtle than a popper or tab closure, with the usual excellent craftsmanship from Greenwich.

There are several colours available, and there's also a similar case available for iPhone 7 Plus called the Greenwhich Horo (£99/$99), though you can get it on Amazon for £89 (UK only).


iPhone 7 Mac Slickwrap

Be warned that this isn't really a fully protective case, but it sure looks cool and will protect your iPhone 7 from light surface scratches. Slickwraps are slim, adhesive films that cling to your iPhone to transform its looks.

We love this retro Mac one. It borrows the coloured Apple logo of old machines like the Macintosh Classic II and gives your phone a retro vibe. The wraps come in two parts, front and back, and instructions can be found online. You get four identical wraps in a pack.

Check out the extensive other Slickwraps designs here.


Mophie Juice Pack Air

On occasion you might find yourself in need of a little plug action by the time nighttime rolls around. Battery cases are a good way to protect your iPhone and also be sure you want get caught with a dead brick.

Mophie has an excellent track record and makes high quality battery cases - this juice pack air claims to give the iPhone 7 a total of 27 hours power, more than enough for even the heaviest of users. 

One caveat - it uses micro-USB to charge so there's no way to use it with wired headphones. It's Bluetooth audio only from hereon in. Also available for iPhone 7 Plus on Amazon (£89 - UK only).


Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

If you're looking for a battery case, but would rather not trust a third-party manufacturer with protecting your precious iPhone, Apple has you covered - as long as you have an iPhone 7. The official battery case isn't available in the Plus size, we're afraid, but regular iPhone 7 owners get a choice of three colours: black, white, and red in partnership with (Product)Red.

With the help of the Smart Battery Case you should be able to get more than 22 hours of battery life total, and your phone will display the remaining power of the internal battery and case battery combined, so you'll know exactly how much juice you have left.


tech21 Evo Elite for iPhone 7

tech21 is a respectable Apple-approved case maker and we use them regularly at Macworld Towers. 

This is the Elite case, a decent middle ground that is still slim enough to put in your jeans pocket but more substantial than a rubber case.

With drop protection up to 6.6ft you needn't be worried if your phone slips from your grip.

You can also get it for the iPhone 7 Plus for the same price on Tech21 UK or $37.46 on Tech21 US


Ted Baker Mirror Folio Case for iPhone 7

Ted Baker has an iPhone collection out every year, and it's no exception for the iPhone 7. This floral design flies in the face of boring black designs and subtly houses a compact-style mirror on the inside. 

The print is called Porcelain Rose and it's finished in Rose Gold - if you like roses (and a pristine iPhone) you're onto a winner here. See Proporta's Ted Baker collection here (or here, if you're in the US).


Vesel wood series iPhone 7 case

While not cheap, this is an excellent choice if you're after a premium, wooden bumper - it hugs the rim of the iPhone 7 but just remember it doesn't cover the back or the screen, though the bumper means you can place it face down on a table without being worried about scratches.

Combining wood with aluminium, it manages to be sturdy yet slim and lightweight which is no mean feat. In order to get your phone in or out, you need to use the supplied screwdriver on one of the corners - there's a supplied keyring screwdriver for you to stick on your keys so you're never without it.

It's available for the same price for the iPhone 7 Plus here for 139,00€ (around £122.45/US$169.58)


UPROSA iPhone 7 case

The idea behind this range of iPhone cases from UK company UPROSA is simple but very effective. All the cases show a magnified part of nature for a colour and detail mix that you wouldn't have expected. 

They're all mostly awesome, and the one here we really like is citric acid under a microscope. Check out the full range - at under £20 they're a stylish, unique way to protect your iPhone 7.


GEAR4 Carnaby for iPhone 7

GEAR4 have produced iPhone cases all named after different places in London and this is our favourite, named after the fashionable Carnaby Street.

The circular mesh pattern is pretty unique, with the company's D30 protection tech basically meaning any iPhone snug in this case is going to stay in pristine condition. Comes in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver to match your phone.

It's also available for the iPhone 7 Plus (£34.99) here.


Casemade iPhone 7 Leather Wallet

One of the nice little touches to this tan leather wallet case for the iPhone 7 is the magnetic clasp. There's no flappy tab to keep it closed but instead the cover snaps gently shut, meaning it wont come open in your bag or hand.

Made from cowhide leather, there's space for three cards and cash with access to all ports when in use. 


WUD Life RÖK Case

The RÖK is exactly what it sounds like: rock.

Pairing a shock-absorbing bumper with a 100 percent real rock backplate, theres are both visually striking and pretty much guaranteed to be one of a kind.

The natural texture of the rock also provides some welcome grippiness, to reduce the risk of mishaps.


Nodus Shell Case

This case is particularly clever if you want to stick - literally - your iPhone somewhere convenient. So if you want to keep it on a wall in the kitchen while you read recipes off it, or in a place on the wall by your bed, you can with the power of magnets.

The shell case by Nodus is slim and well made from Italian leather, but has a strong magnet in the back that pairs with the bundled 'micro dock', a square magnet with a sticky back for you to stick wherever you please. The company also sells the magnets separately so you can stick your phone anywhere.

As it's magnetic though, just don't put it near your credit cards. 


Cygnett Carbon case for iPhone 7

This case is as slick as as the iPhone 7 itself. With fine carbon fibre detailing and a deep blue colour around the edges, this will protect your phone while giving you access to all ports.

It's also very lightweight, meaning no unwanted bulk with your cool new case.

It's also available for the larger iPhone 7 Plus (£14.95 in the UK, $29.99 in the US).


Carbon Fibre Edge case for iPhone 7

This case from Proporta is a fibre-lined protective flip case for the iPhone 7 (now £20.96 in the UK and $28.46 in the US when you buy directly from Proporta). It's got an cool red strip that doubles up as a rim to hold the phone in a landscape position for video watching.

From the back cover to the detailed finish, it looks great in the black colour it comes in and will show off any new iPhone 7 well. It could well be the best way to protect that ultra-scratchable Jet Black model too!


Speck Presidio Clear for iPhone 7

Speck's Presidio range pairs impressive durability (thanks to their exclusive 'Impactium' TPU material) with some welcome style.

The simplest offering is the Clear case, which shows off your phone to the full, but you can also get glitter, a patterned print, or even a striking neon finish, all the while keeping your phone about as safe as it can be.


Element Case Katana iPhone 7 case

OK, so this is a rather luxury purchase. But hey, we all have to treat ourselves sometimes right? Or others, of course.

This exquisitely made case by Element Case is crafted from stainless steel and natural black oak. It even comes with a high quality leather pouch. A case to keep your iPhone safe, and a case for the case too. Premium!

It's also available here for iPhone 7 Plus (US$349.95/around £255). 


Casetify Wallet case for iPhone 7

This is a neat idea from Casetify. As the iPhone 7 doesn't have dual SIM slots, if you are someone who uses two plans (perhaps for work) then there is a slot behind where the phone clips into the case for a SIM removal tool and an additional nano-SIM.

We do think this case is a tad pricey but if you are someone who needs to carry another SIM at all times, this is a good way to do it.

Click the link above to pick from an extensive range of cool designs.


Griffin Survivor Clear Wallet for iPhone 7

Griffin is one of our favourtie case makers, and with good reason. Good build quality and functionality are great, and when its an affordable price, then everyone's happy. 

Our pick for the new iPhone 7 is this wallet design, if wallet cases are your thing. It'll mean your shiny new toy can survive a four foot drop, with room for cash and cards inside. Your life in one case. Sorted.

You can get it for the iPhone 7 Plus here (£24.99/US$24.95).


Griffin Survivor Clear for iPhone 7

If you like the Survivor Clear but don't like the wallet style - don't worry, here you go. Save £5 and get the case you prefer. It also fits the iPhone 6 and 6s.

Also available here for iPhone 7 Plus (£19.99/US$19.95). 


tech21 Evo Check case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Tech21's Evo Check case is a staple of modern smartphone protection. Probably.

We've used it on a number of devices anyway, and always find ourselves going back to the subtle bumper protection and criss-cross pattern on the rear of the case. The bumpers also protrude enough to allow you to put your iPhone 7 face down on a flat surface.

You can buy one for the iPhone 7 Plus here too (£22.46 or $29.96 if you're in the US). 


Foxwood iPhone 7 Cement

Who ever heard about an iPhone cases made from cement? Well, you. Now.

The Foxwood Cement Hardshell is made partly from genuine cement. Yes, real cement, which adds a strong exterior that’s tough and prevents scratches and scuffs from damaging your phone.

It's not heavy, though, weighing just 24g. It costs £19.99 on Amazon (available in the UK only, no international shipping).

Foxwood also has a wider range of more conventional hard shell cases in leather of various shades and three in wood (Bamboo, walnut or rosewood) finishes.

All feature a soft microfiber lining and full access to buttons and ports.


Mujjo Leather Case for iPhone 7

Mujjo's waxed vegetable-tanned leather iPhone cases look gorgeous, and shout out quality and craftsmanship, with suede linings adding to the luxury feel. They also help protect your valuable new iPhone 7. Each boasts Moulded Edge Technology for added durability at the phone's weakest points. 

There are ten contemporary Mujjo leather cases for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, starting with the simple Leather Case for iPhone 7 (£35.51/US$46.68), which is available in Tan and Black for both models.

Also simple but with added benefits is the Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 7 Plus (£33/US$43), which adds storage space for two or three bank or ID cards at the back of the case. They are each available in Tan and Black. 

You can also find Mujjo's iPhone 7 Leather Wallet Case on My Trendy Phone, for £30.30.


Terrapin iPhone 7 Leather Case

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated for work in the city, the Leather Folio Wallet from Terrapin could be the perfect option. It’s practical, with plenty of space for cards and notes, and protects both the front and back of the iPhone too. This case is available to order now from Amazon UK.


Terrapin iPhone 7 TPU Gel Case

Another Terrapin option that’s even cheaper is the slim gel case with made with a durable shock absorbing TPU gel. Available in several different colours, this case fits perfectly onto the back of the iPhone to provide full coverage of the rear and sides of the phone.


Cover-Up Stone Explorer case for iPhone 7

These exquisite cases from Cover-Up are made with real slate and are available in several subtle stone shades, from camo effect to one that compliments that Rose Gold iPhone 7 you just bought.

Despite the presence of slate, the case is actually a quite subtle snap-on that allows full access to all ports, buttons and of course the screen.

View the iPhone 7 Plus cases here


Snugg Dual Layer Slim Cover

Snugg’s dual-layer iPhone 7 case comes in six different colours and has been precision engineered to fit perfectly. The flexible TPU shell is designed for absorbing shocks, combined with a durable polycarbonate back piece to add a splash of colour.

Snugg’s cases even come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can get the case replaced or repaired at any time should something go wrong.


Spigen Rugged Armor Resilient iPhone 7 Case

Slim but sturdy, Spigen offers a flexible TPU case with carbon fibre, air cushion technology and a raised lip for extra protection. It offers easy click buttons to keep the sides of the iPhone safe too, but leaves a nice gap for the Apple logo to shine through.


X-Doria Defense Lux for iPhone 7

X Doria’s Defense Lux for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus combines extreme protection with stylish design, and we really like the results. It’s made with anodized aluminium with Military Grade Drop with a soft inner rubber layer and a hard, impact resistant backing.

The rear is covered in either carbon fibre, soft leather or croc skin. There’s also a raised lip to provide protection from the screen.


X-Doria Defense Shield for iPhone 7

Another good option from X-Doria for accident prone iPhone 7 owners is the Defense Shield, which has a slightly less premium look than the Lux but still provides good protection with a slim design that manages to stay stylish. It’s made with aluminium and rubber and again has a raised lip for screen protection.

A nice touch is the clear polycarbonate rear, which allows the colour of your iPhone to shine through. There are several colours available, including Iridescent, Gold, and Silver, among others.

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