The iPhone is obviously one of the best looking smartphones on the market (though we may be biased...), but sadly it isn't the most durable - especially the display. We've also rounded up the best screen protectors for the iPhone XS and iPhone X, if you're after the newer models instead.

Here, we review and round up some of the best (and coolest) iPhone screen protectors that you can buy in the UK (and most are available in the US too), including some that offer additional features like self-healing tech or 3D viewing functionality. If you're after an iPhone X screen protectors, check out our dedicated round up here.

Once you've made your choice, you may wish to find out how to put on an iPhone screen protector. Though, if you've already broken your iPhone display here's how to fix it.

JETech Screen Protector

JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The JETech Screen Protector, made from tempered glass, offers hardy protection for your iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus (5.5in displays only; for iPhone 8 and 7 screen sizes click here). The glass can resist scratches up to 9H, which is a measurement on Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, where 10 is for diamonds and 1 is for talc.

The protector should keep your screen unsullied from greasy fingerprints and dust, while still maintaining transparency and responsiveness. 

JETech promises bubble-free and hassle-free installation. The only thing to remember is the protector does not extend over the curved edge of the screen, but this may not be a dealbreaker considering JETech offers two protectors in a pack plus a lifetime warranty.

tech21 Evo Glass

tech21 Evo Glass for iPhone

One of the best screen protectors we've used for the iPhone is this one from tech21. The Evo Glass is actually tempered glass, so having a screen protector on doesn't make your iPhone feel any less premium.

It's scratch and smudge resistant and will of course protect your screen from cracks. Much better to have a screen protector crack than your phone.

We've tested it and it doesn't affect touch response, so you'll forget it's even there. It comes with a useful application kit, too.

It's also available here for the iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus.

Nearpow Crystal Clear Screen Protector

Nearpow Crystal Clear Screen Protector

Here's another option if you want to protect your iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus from the dangers of bumps and scratches--and knives (though we wouldn't advise testing this). This tempered glass protector is only 0.26mm and comes in a pack of three. 

Application should be easy and leave a bubble-free finish. Removing the protector should not leave any residue on your phone either.

This protector is also 3D Touch sensitive, fingerprint resistant, anti-shatter and waterproof. The kit comes with wet and dry wipes, a microfibre cloth, a dust removal sticker, application guides, and a bubble-removal card.

It's hard to go wrong, especially since you get all this for just a fiver. See all iPhone protectors from Nearpow here.

Whoosh3D Screen Protector for iPhone

Whoosh3D Screen Protector for iPhone

The Woosh3D screen protector claims to bring 3D functionality to your iPhone 65s (£14.97) and 5c (£14.97) through not only 3D content available on YouTube, but also your own videos using a conversion process within the accompanying app (an app for a screen protector? Madness!).

It should provide users with a Nintendo 3DS-esque 3D effect, and you can adjust the level of depth from within the app. Although it’s a screen protector, it’s only made from plastic and probably won’t protect your iPhone from anything more than slight scratches, but the benefit of this is that its barely noticeable when applied.

The packaging doubles up as a ‘prep pad’ that helps you align and apply the screen protector perfectly, which is an issue that many users struggle with.

The Whoosh3D protector is not currently available in the US, but if you're keen you can pay a £16 delivery fee and have it shipped from Amazon UK

Cadorabo Bulletproof Glass Screen Protector

Cadorabo Bulletproof Glass Screen Protector

Okay so first of all, we don’t recommend that anyone shoots their iPhone with this screen protector to test its bulletproof claim. We think it’s bulletproof in a metaphorical way; the same way a bullet proof vest will protect a police officer, this tempered glass iPhone screen protector should protect your iPhone from damage and scratches. 

The glass is also water, dust and fingerprint resistant and comes with an alcohol pad and micro-fibre cleaning cloth if you ever do need to give your phone the odd wipe. 

The Cadorabo protector will fit the iPhone 8 and 7/7S (£5.90/$7.99), 6/6s (£5.99/$7.99) and 5/5s (£5.90/$7.99).

Zagg InvisibleShield HDX Display Protection for iPhone

Zagg InvisibleShield HDX Display Protection for iPhone

The ZAGG invisibleSHIELD HDX, for the iPhone 6, is a great combination of both clarity and protection, namely because of its origins in the military. ZAGG claims that the original concept for the invisibleSHIELD HDX was used to protect high-speed helicopter blades from dust, dirt and debris. 

Currently, only the iPhone 7 version is available in the UK (£23.42/$24.75). US shoppers can also find this protector for the iPhone 6 ($24.99) and 6s/6s Plus ($18.99).

Combining the military grade technology and nano-memory technology creates a tempered glass screen protector that, the company claims, can withstand up to 3x the pressure of standard tempered glass screen protectors. Don’t worry about losing quality with this protector either, as ZAGG claims that it will preserve the “vibrant colours of your display”.

Shark Proof Liquid Glass Screen Protector

Shark Proof Liquid Glass Screen Protector

This is a cool one - you apply the screen protector from a sachet in liquid form. The kit comes with a cleaner and primer for your iPhone, and in fact one pack has enough liquid for all screen sizes up to fourteen inches. 

There's an applicator and full instructions, and once applied to your screen and set, should offer up to two years protection. We've seen this product in action, and it is incredibly durable, withstanding intense key scratches and even knives. Really works!