The best iPhone X cases for 2018

An iPhone X deserves a great case to protect it, as it’s no small investment! Apple has unveiled a new (Product)RED leather folio case for the iPhone X and a number of fresh colours to its other ranges too. Here, we bring you the best iPhone X cases we’ve seen so far.


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Apple iPhone X Leather Folio

We'll start in the most obvious place, and that's Apple. Each year Apple releases new iPhone cases, and the X is no exception.

With the launch of the iPhone 8 (Product)RED, which supports Global Fund's efforts against HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, Apple has introduced a brand new (Product)RED folio case (pictured). There are other new colours in this collection as well, including Electric Blue and Soft Pink.

This is by far the most expensive option directly from Apple. The folio case gives you the additional protection of a front cover (which the other Apple surprisingly don't have), and there is space for cards and notes, too.

The Leather Folio case covers the sides of the iPhone X as well, thanks to an inner portion of the case that secures your iPhone in place.

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We'll start in the most obvious place, and that's Apple. Each year Apple releases new iPhone cases, and the X is no exception.

With the launch of the iPhone 8 (Product)RED, which supports Global Fund's efforts against HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, Apple has introduced a brand new (Product)RED folio case (pictured). There are other new colours in this collection as well, including Electric Blue and Soft Pink.

This is by far the most expensive option directly from Apple. The folio case gives you the additional protection of a front cover (which the other Apple surprisingly don't have), and there is space for cards and notes, too.

The Leather Folio case covers the sides of the iPhone X as well, thanks to an inner portion of the case that secures your iPhone in place.


Apple iPhone X Silicone Case

The cheapest of Apple's cases is the iPhone X Silicone Case. You can't get much of a better fit than a case made by Apple itself, and this one includes the Apple logo on the back, too.

Apple just added three new colours to the Silicone range too: Lemonade (a muted yellow), Red Raspberry, and Blue Denim. There's a (Product)RED variation of the Silicone case as well.

There is a slightly raised edge on the front of Apple's Silicone case to offers some protection to the screen, but it's minimal so a screen protector might be wise.

If you've yet to order your iPhone X, you can find the best deals here - and if you want to keep your screen as safe as the rest of the device, check our our iPhone X screen protector guide.


Apple iPhone X Leather Case

The final case available from Apple is the Leather case, which is a shell case just like the Silicone version but made from leather (obviously). The more premium material adds £10/$10 to the cost, though.

You can get a (Product)RED version of this case, and Apple has also introduced new colours to the range as well. The new hues include Bright Orange, Spring Yellow, Electric Blue and Soft Pink.

In all there are thirteen options to choose from, so there is sure to be a shade that suits you. This one pictured is Saddle Brown.


Spigen Classic C1 Bondi Blue, iMac 20th Anniversary Case for iPhone X

A smash hit on crowd-funding site Indigogo on launch, the Spigen Classic C1 is a must-have for Apple history aficionados. 

Indeed, Apple should have made it - and it looks like it did, 20 years ago.

It's an homage to Jonny Ive's Bondi Blue original iMac, in honour of its 20th anniversary in 2018. It was the Mac that saved Apple's skin, and allowed it to go on to release the iPhone.

It features the same translucent Bondi Blue and clear plastic case as the bubble-shaped iMac, and will draw admiring glances from your fellow Mac enthusiasts.

Even if you're not a Mac fan but own an iPhone X this is one of the best iPhone X cases we've seen.

It offers robust protection and still allows for wireless charging in the case.


Nodus iPhone X Shell Case

Nodus has some gorgeous iPhone cases, including the Shell Case for iPhone X. Available in several colours, it's made with leather for a premium finish and offers built-in magnetic docking.

The magnetic docking feature does cause some issues with wireless charging, but Nodus has tweaked the design to resolve that issue. The steel within the case that allows it to magnetically connect to the Micro Dock is now removable to allow you to choose between the two features.


Pitaka Magcase for iPhone X

The Pitaka Magcase is a super-slim carbon fibre case that includes metal plates for magnetic phone mounts, without any interference with wireless charging.

It's sleek minimalist design is among our favourites for the phone, and if you're worried about the screen, fear not: there's a tempered glass screen protector included in the price.


Sena iPhone X Cases

Sena has nearly 20 cases available for the iPhone X, ranging in price from £30/$40 for the Corsa II Le Mans Racing Stripe Leather Snap On Case to £96/$130 for the Universal Isa Crossbody Leather Hand Bag.

The Corsa II is the thinnest Sena iPhone X case, at 1.7mm in water-resistant leather, and available in four colours.

The Isa Crossbody Leather Hand Bag fits just about any iPhone and is available in Black or Red in quilted pattern leather. It has a phone compartment, adjustable shoulder strap, interior pocket and zip closure, with gold finish hardware.


Bellroy iPhone X Card Case

This superbly well made card case for the iPhone X is one of our favourites. It's design is pretty unique, with a magnetic flap concealing room to slide in three cards of your choice.

While it adds a slight bump to the back of the phone it's not too fat to still put in your pocket. There's also gaps for a spare SIM and SIM tool if you need to swap over to your business number from time to time.

The build quality is excellent, and it comes in a range of attractive colours including this fetching navy blue.


jimmyCASE iPhone X wallet case

This is a smart solution if you like carrying cash and cards with your phone all in one pocket.

jimmyCASE makes it easy with a cool wooden design with a slim elasticated pocket that can be as thin or as packed as you want - it'll fit about three cards comfortably.

The rest of the case doesn't cover the screen, but all round protection other in a case that turns your iPhone X into a wallet is great.


Ted Baker for iPhone X

Ted Baker makes some stunning iPhone X cases that we think you'll love, and they're surprisingly well priced too.

There are simple shell cases starting at £29.95/$29.95, or folio cases that range up to £39.95/$39.95.

We particularly like the Shannon Mirror Folio case (£39.95/$59.95), which includes a mirror on the inside cover for practicality in addition to protection and style.

See the full range of cases here.


Proporta Carbon Series

The Carbon Series from Proporta includes the iPhone X Carbon Ultra, which is simple and sleek (it's only 2mm thick) but thanks to the carbon-fibre design is also light and durable.

It's reasonably priced at £20/$30, but is only available in the one colour.


Tech21 Pure Clear

Another simple, clear case we like is Tech21's Pure Clear, which features protective bumper edges and a double layer that is designed to protect from drops of up to two metres.


Snakehive iPhone X Collections

We love the iPhone X collections from Snakehive, which come in a gorgeous range of colours and styles at great prices. We're sure you'll find something to suit you.

From the Vintage Collection, for example, Snakehive's Leather Wallet is priced at £21.95 and will protect both the front and back of your new iPhone. It has a magnetic clasp to keep the case securely fastened in transit, and doubles as a handy stand, too.

The case comes in a variety of colours including this Vintage Plum.

Other collections from Snakehive include the Pastel Collection, Wilderness Wood Collection and Slimline Wallet Collection.


LoveCases Marble iPhone X Case

LoveCases offers some brilliantly priced options for protecting your iPhone X. We particularly like this slim and lightweight Marble Case, which fits perfectly and adds an extra touch of style for just £14.99/$17.49.

Buttons are protected by a frosted white plastic, so even they'll be safe from scratches.

A slight lip around the front of the case will add an element of protection for your screen, but we'd still recommend investing in a screen protector.


Vision Series for iPhone X

Snugg's Vision Series case for iPhone X lets the design of the phone itself shine through the clear TPU back, which has reinforced edges and a dual layer design to protect from bumps and knocks.

The bezels are raised to add protection to your iPhone's display, too.

It's available in a variety of colours and is brilliantly affordable. You can buy it now from Amazon.


Pulse for iPhone X

Snugg also offers an iPhone X cover called the Pulse, which is made with a textured silicone for extra grip and a polycarbonate bumper to protect the corners and edges.

Again, it's really well priced and it comes in a range of colours.


Mous Cases for iPhone X

Mous has a series of iPhone X cases in a selection of different attractive finishes.

Choose from Walnut, Bamboo, Shell, Leather or Carbon Fibre designs, all of which allow access to ports and buttons and come with a free screen protector.


Windsor for iPhone X

Also from Gear4 is the Windsor design, which uses the same D30 Impact Protection that has been drop tested up to three metres. This time, though, you get a frosted plastic back for a slightly more premium-looking design.


Olixar X-Trio Full Cover Case for iPhone X

Olixar’s Full Cover Case protects the front and back of the new iPhone, with a PET screen protector included. It’s a simple, sleek design that covers the sides of the phone too, and leaves all ports and buttons accessible.


Nomad Rugged iPhone X Case

If you want a rugged leather case for your iPhone X, this one from Nomad is worth considering: it's seriously sturdy for something with a leather back, avoiding the usual rugged aesthetic.

There are downsides though. The buttons are very stiff, and the leather in our samples was much darker than pictured, so be warned.


Olixar ExoShield iPhone X Case

Olixar's ExoShield is a hard shell iPhone X case with non-slip coating that should protect from bumps and scratches. It's a bit thicker than some of the other cases listed here, but it does offer more protection and is still transparent to allow the iPhone's design to shine through. Plus, it's only £9.99/$9.99 so it's one of the cheapest cases you can buy.

Olixar's cases are available from Amazon, as well as from Mobile Fun here.


Olixar X-Trex iPhone X Case

If you're looking for something a bit tougher, you might like the X-Trex case from Olixar, which has a multilayered design that aims to protect your iPhone from even quite serious falls.

There's also a secure card compartment for storing your bank cards or ID, as well as a flip-out kickstand.

The only concern we have with this one is that it's possible it will cause some interference with wireless charging, a new feature in the iPhone X. We are waiting to confirm whether or not this is true, but if you're planning to use wireless charging regularly this might be one to avoid until we're sure.


X-Doria Defense Shield for iPhone X

X-Doria's Defense Shield is also designed to offer a new level of protection. It's made with anondized aluminium, TPU and polycarbonate to create a case for the iPhone X that's military grade drop tested.

There are four colours to choose from, and it's reasonably priced, too.


X-Doria Defense Lux for iPhone X

Also from X-Doria is the Defense Lux series, which is also military grade drop tested but adds a touch of style with either leather or wood detail.


Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone X

We really like this leather case from Mujjo, which offers a similar design to Apple's offering, available in three stylish colours. It wraps around the back and sides of the iPhone X really neatly, with a snug fit that feels nice and secure.

The inside of the case is lined with microfibre for an extra layer of scratch protection. Overall, it's a sleek, simple and effective case that we really like. Bravo, Mujjo.


Greenwich Folio for iPhone X

If you've got a bit of extra cash to splash, you might enjoy the luxury of the Greenwich iPhone X cases. They are made from genuine leather, and include card slots for extra convenience.

The Blake Folio is among our favourites. You can buy it here.


UAG iPhone X cases

Available in a huge range of colours and styles, Urban Armor Gear's iPhone X cases offer top-notch protection with reinforced corners to save your phone from bumps and knocks.


Speck Presidio for iPhone X

Speck cases offer a great balance between style and security, combining attractive design with some of the sturdiest build quality we've found in any iPhone cases.

You can pick up the standard Presidio case from Amazon, but if you head to Speck's own site you can find more colours, metallic or clear finishes, or the heavy duty Presidio Ultra case for even better protection.


Tech21 Evo Tactical for iPhone X

Plenty of cases are designed to be minimalist, to avoid distracting from the phone itself, but the Evo Tactical from Tech21 features a surprisingly attractive angular design across the back that's welcome in its own right.

There's still solid 3m drop protection and a durable design, but the Evo Tactical looks the part - along with a tactile grippy feel that means it feels the part too.


Pad & Quill Bella Fino Wallet for iPhone X

There are plenty of leather iPhone wallets about, but Pad & Quill's Bella Fino is one of the most attractive we've seen so far, with solid construction out of American leather and space for a few cards or ID too.

There's an optional snap-on case, or you can just attach your phone directly to the case using the included adhesive. It's only sold in the US, but ships to the UK.


Skinit iPhone X Skin

If you're looking to add protection to your iPhone X, skip ahead - but if all you care about are aesthetics, you might want to consider Skinit.

These ultra-thin skins won't keep your phone any safer, but will let you deck it it out with superheroes, sports logos, artworks, or even textured finishes.

If you like Marvel, check out our round up of the best Disney iPhone cases of 2018.


Caudabe Synthesis iPhone X Case

This is the toughest iPhone X case that Caudabe makes, pairing a flexible polymer bumper with a rigid rear to offer very solid protection in a slim design.

We like this version with a transparent back, but you can also get versions in solid colours. Caudabe ships internationally.


Element Roll Cage iPhone X Case

This unique case from Element takes a cue from race car designs to introduce a protective cage to spread impact and protect the phone.

Even better, the cage is not only detachable, but can be flipped round and attached to the front to protect the screen for when you know you won't be using the device, but it may be at risk of damage.


Poetic Revolution iPhone X Case

There are plenty of tough iPhone X cases, but Poetic's Revolution offers one thing that's slightly different: a built-in screen protector.

It's actually built into the two-part frame, rather than simply included in the box, so it's very sturdy - but bear in mind that means it isn't quite as snug a fit to the screen as with other screen guards. The whole case is also a little tricky to take off, but we can't complain too much when it offers this much protection at such a low price.


LuxArmor Elite iPhone X Case

The LuxArmor Elite cases - exclusive to iPhone X - are very simple, but some of the most striking we've seen yet.

Totally free of any branding, each comes with a tempered glass back in either white, black, red, or blue, with silicon edges to help you keep your grip.

They're neither the slimmest nor the most protective cases we've seen yet, but sit in a happy medium, and should keep your phone both safe and looking the part.

Order with our exclusive discount code MACWORLD10 and get 10 percent off.

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