Best iPhone XS Max cases 2019

The iPhone XS Max is the largest phone in Apple's line-up and there are tonnes of cases available in both the UK and US to keep it safe while looking great. Whether you're looking for protective, decorative, premium leather or a wallet case, there's a style for you.


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Best iPhone XS Max Cases

The iPhone XS Max is the bigger sibling to the iPhone XS, both of which joined Apple's line-up last year, alongside the iPhone XR.

(Also see our round ups for the best iPhone XS and iPhone XR cases.)

There are scores of cases available for the iPhone XS Max, from simple clear cases to ones with a kickstands and even with card holders. We've rounded up the best protective cases out there.

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The iPhone XS Max is the bigger sibling to the iPhone XS, both of which joined Apple's line-up last year, alongside the iPhone XR.

(Also see our round ups for the best iPhone XS and iPhone XR cases.)

There are scores of cases available for the iPhone XS Max, from simple clear cases to ones with a kickstands and even with card holders. We've rounded up the best protective cases out there.


Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max

Dutch manufacturer Mujjo makes quality cases for smartphones, and has its range of now compatible with Apple's iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr. Each is made from a satin-like premium full-grain leather and is lined with the fine Japanese microfiber.

They are extremely lightweight but will protect your iPhone from everyday knocks, drops and scratches. Even the buttons are fully covered in leather.

The top-of-the-range Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case features a pouch on the back for your credit, business or travel and ID cards. It costs £49.41/$58.38/€54.90 for the XS Max.

There's also the lined with the Mujjo Full Leather Case, without the card slot - starting at £44.91/$57.39/€49.90.

Available from Amazon and the Mujjo website.


Tech21 Pure Clear case for iPhone XS Max

If you want decent drop protection, good feel and a back that shows off your phone, then you can't go wrong with this case from tech21.

A Macworld favourite, tech21 makes excellently fitting cases that don't make your iPhone a huge lump.

This Pure Clear case has been 10ft drop-tested and works with wireless chargers.


Gear4 Oxford Case for iPhone XS Max

The Oxford Case offers protection from drops up to 10 feet, comes with two slots to hold credits cards and converts into a stand for landscape viewing. It's also compatible with wireless charging.

The material is especially impressive. It's made with Gear4's patented D3O that's used in helmet, gloves and gear used by soldiers, athletes and industrial workers. There's also a clear panel at the back of the case that's made with the same material used in bulletproof glass. The outer cover also offers a nice texture for additional grip.

You can see Gear4's full collection for iPhone XS Max here (or here if you're in the US).


Tech21 Liberty Collection for iPhone XS Max

Also from Tech21 is the Liberty collection, which includes the Evo Luxe models.

They feature bright, bold and beautiful prints on a faux leather material, surrounded by polycarbonate bumpers that'll keep your iPhone safe from drops and bumps.

Tech21's website describes these cases as having a slim design, but we'd argue that they're a little on the bulky side, but that does strengthen the protection they offer.

A thinner 'Pure' line of Liberty cases is also available from Tech21.


Totallee Thin iPhone XS Max Case

The Thin case from Totallee offers simple everyday protection. It's less than 0.02in thick and supports wireless charging - and without any distracting branding on the case, you can keep the focus on the iPhone itself.

You can choose between a glossy or matte finish. Matte options are available in shades of grey and a blue (pictured) and glossy options come in jet black, jet white and clear. All options cost US$29 (around £22) – unless you opt for leather, which costs $39 (around £30).

Totallee is based in the US, but ships internationally. There is a standard shipping cost of $14.99 (around £11.60) and it takes 7-15 days for delivery.


Case-Mate Sheer Crystal Case for iPhone XS

The Dropper from Case-Mate shines...quite literally, with tiny pieces of glass crystal. But don't let this glitzy exterior fool you. It's reinforced with five layers and promises protection from drops of over 10 feet. It is also scratch-resistant and is compatible with wireless charging. 

Case-mate has a number of stunning styles to choose from. You can see all the XS Max options here. You also get a lifetime warranty with Case-mate.


Caseable iPhone XS Max Pouch Case

Here's a simple pouch case from Caseable. It's a great option if you're after something that's more decorative. In fact, Caseable has a tonne of designs to choose from. You can also design your own here.

It's not a flip case or wallet case, though it looks like one. Your phone simply slots in – so you won't be able to use your iPhone XS when it's in the case. To remove your phone, tug on the small pull tag.


Nodus Shell Case II for iPhone XS Max

Nodus is another one of our favourite case-makers. They offer quality, hand-crafted, authentic leather cases that willy surely give your iPhone XS Max an extra bit of class.

In terms of build, it features a polycarbonate core that absorbs impact and a soft microfibre lining that keeps your iPhone XS from getting scratched. We also like that the Nodus Shell Case lets you mount your phone with the included Micro Dock III. It's also compatible with wireless charging.


Spigen Tough Armor iPhone XS Max

Spigen is another case brand we've come to love and trust. The casemakers offer a series of cases in different styles and colours too.

The Tough Armor case pictured here is a durable rugged case poised to keep your iPhone XS safe from harm. It's slim and offers double-layered protection made of polycarbonate and TPU (silicone). It is also compatible with wireless charging.


Spigen iPhone XS Max Wallet S

Here's another case from Spigen: the Wallet S. It allows you to store up to three cards and cash too and can also be folded into a stand for hands-free viewing.

The front cover closes with a magnetic. The Wallet case is made of synthetic leather and polycarbonate. We don't expect it to offer rugged protection, but it should do just fine for day-to-day abrasions.


Olixar Carbon Fibre for iPhone XS Max

The Carbon Fibre case from Olixar is a popular style we've seen for other phones. It's made of a hardy TPU and is textured to prevent slips. It also comes with tactile buttons and cutouts for easy access to ports, cameras and the fingerprint sensor.


Mous iPhone XS Max Case

We've recommend Mous cases for a number of our other round ups because it combines featherweight style and hardy protection with its trademarked AirShock technology. You get just the same with its iPhone XS Max collection.

Mous cases are available in a range of styles: Carbon Fibre, Walnut, Shell, Leather and Bamboo.


Greenwich Folio Case for iPhone XS Max

Greenwich is a favourite of ours, though perhaps the priciest, and is often a staple in our cases round up - for good reason. The UK-based company handcrafts premium leather cases that are both beautiful and protective.

The Blake style (pictured) offers a shot-gun tested carbon fibre plating that's hidden away under the leather. Also hidden is the magnetic back that allows you to mount the case on a car vent. The front flap has a slot a card too.

You can see Greenwich's entire iPhone XS Max collection here.


Snakehive Premium Leather Cases for iPhone XS Max

London-based brand Snakehive produces cases made of European full grain nubuck leather – but which are priced affordably. Soft leather inside the case will also keep your iPhone XS from getting scratched.

The wallet case comes in a variety of solid and and two-tone colours, with the Vintage Bottle Green version pictured here. You can store up to three cards and has openings for easy access to all ports and buttons.


Speck Presidio Grip for iPhone XS Max

Speck, another brand reputed for its hardy cases, throws its hat in the ring with its series of iPhone XS Max cases. 

The Grip offers two layers of protection with a polycarbonate shell coupled with a trademarked "Impactium" rubber that absorbs shock. As you can assume, the rubber ridges on the body of the case is what gives its name, while raised bezels around the screen prevent and scuffs and scratches.

Speck also offers a lifetime warranty. See all Speck iPhone XS Max case styles here (US visitors can click here).


UAG Plasma Case for iPhone XS Max

UAG, or Urban Armor Gear, specializes in rugged cases and has featured in our round ups before. The Plasma series offers military grade protection with its hard shell exterior and soft shock-absorbing core.

It's also scratch resistant and has padding around the screen area. The case is compatible with wireless charging and Apple Pay.


Ted Baker Mirror Folio for iPhone XS Max

The Ted Baker Mirror Folio case is stylish and functional. We don't expect rugged protection, but it will protect your iPhone XS from day to day wear while keeping it looking fantastic. It offers impact resistance and has a magnetic back cover so you can use it on a car mount or with a wireless charger.

See all Ted Baker iPhone XS Max cases here. US visitors can see the collection here.


Proporta Flex for iPhone XS Max

The Proporta Flex looks good and promises a slew of protective features too. It's a hard TPU shell case with a gel interior with drop and shock absorption. It also comes with a kickstand so you can use your iPhone XS handsfree. Like the Ted Baker case, the Flex comes with a magnetic back that makes it compatible with wireless charging and car mounts.

Proporta offers a lifetime exchange warranty.

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