What is the best running kit for the iPhone and iPod touch? There is a lot of amazing sports equipment for keen runners, and the iPhone's sensors and apps make it the ideal running companion. These iPhone compatible running shoes and accessories will help you start running with an iPhone.  

If you're a keen runner, you'll want to know what the best iPhone armbands, sensors, and shoes are. Take a look at some of this Apple sports equipment, armed with these apps and gadgets you'll move faster than ever.


Let's see what the best iPhone or iPod touch sports equipment is:

Nike+ Sensor

Price: £15

Nike+ Sensor

Apple has worked with Nike since 2008 on the Nike+iPod system. With this, you can measure the speed and distance on the iPhone (or iPod touch) while you run. The Nike+ system is integrated with the iPhone and you turn on Nike+ in Settings. Once the Nike+ setting in iOS is switched on, the Nike+ app is automatically downloaded from the App Store. The Nike+ app hooks up to the Nike+ sensor so it can measure your foot movement.

The sensor is designed to be placed inside a compatible Nike+ trainer and enables the iPhone to measure footsteps and distance. With the Nike+ app, you can run for Time or Distance or just go free running and measure distance. As you run around you can listen to music, and the iPhone will speak out current distance (every kilometre by default).

It also integrates closely with the music on iPhone, and you can set up a playlist of tracks to accompany you on the run. You can also choose a PowerSong, one song you can play when you hold down the remote control that spurs you to run faster.

Nike+ Sensor Shoe Pouch

Nike+ Shoe Pouch: £7.99

Nike+ Trainers (around £70)

Nike+ Pouch

One reason many runners do not use the Nike+iPod system is because they need to use compatible Nike+ trainers. These are more expensive than many people would like to pay for running shoes (around £70 depending on the pair). Some people also prefer to use a different brand of trainer.

All is not lost: many enterprising individuals sell Nike+ Shoe Pouches. These small bags hold the Nike+ Sensor and attach to the laces of trainers via a velcro strap. This enables you to attach the Nike+ Sensor to any brand of trainer.

Does a Nike+ sensor shoe pouch work? We've tested a Nike+ sensor holder out, and it worked just fine.

InCase Sports Armband

Price: £34.99

InCase Armband

If you're going to take an iPhone or iPod touch running then you should invest in an iPhone armband. Most wrap around the arm via velcro and hold the iPhone while you jog along. A number of different options are available, but the InCase Armband is one of our favourite.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom

Price: £129

Nike+ TomTom Watch

The Nike+iPod system enables you to measure footsteps, but not to track map location. Long distance and trail runners also enjoy viewing map data of the run. Also, you may not want to carry around an iPhone while you run. In this case, you can invest in the TomTom Sports Watch. This is created by both TomTom and Nike+, and enables you to track and iPhone sensor while you run around. It will also track location information via GPS. The Nike+ Sportswatch connects to a Mac via a USB connection tucked inside the wrist strap. This enables you to upload the distance, time and GPS information to the Nike+ website. While the Nike+ Sportwatch is an expensive outlay, if you want to measure distance without carrying an iPhone on your run this is the best way to do it.