There's a lot of speculation about the iPhone 6, with all sorts of crazy ideas, and a few that aren't so crazy. You can read more iPhone 6 rumours in this article.

Back when I first wrote this article (in February) I was feeling particularly frustrated by my iPhone 5, that lead me to create a wishlist of new features that I'd like Apple to add to the iPhone 6. Since then I've been using an iPhone 5s, which enhances some of the experience, but there is still room for improvement. Read all our iPhone reviews here.

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1) iPhone 6 needs more RAM (or better memory management)

This was my number one complaint about the iPhone 5 and unfortunatley, although the iPhone 5s appears to be better at memory management, I still find my phone slows down when I've got a lot of pages open in Safari, or if I've got a few apps open at once. Back when I was using the iPhone 5 I was finding that my 1GB RAM was getting full nearly every 5 minutes, slowing down my phone and on occasion leading apps to crash. This has improved somewhat with the iPhone 5s, but on my newsgathering journey into work, where I'm sifting through various internet pages to keep up with the latest Apple news I'm still finding that things slow down. It's ridiculous that closing apps down doesn't even clear the memory. A complete shut down is called for, or apps such as RAM Assistant or Battery Saver, which will reallocate the memory used - I swear by these apps rather than swearing at my phone. This shouldn't be necessary, though. There's been just 1GB RAM in the iPhone 5 and the same in the iPhone 5s, 5c and the iPads. It's clearly not enough.

We've heard that there is 2GB RAM heading to the iPad (at least the iPad Pro model) but rumours suggest that the iPhone 6 will continue to utilise just 1GB RAM. Please Apple fix this! Either give us more RAM or sort out the memory management in iOS 8. I don't care so much about multitasking that I am prepared for everything to slow down on my phone all the time. It might not be entirely Apple's fault, or it might primarliy be due to Safari, and I'm willing to accept that some apps may be suffering due to lazy code development, but it needs to be better. Read more about Safari in iOS 8.

And another related point, while you are at it: I'd really like it if I could shut all my apps in one go.

2) iPhone 6 needs to be thinner, lighter, smaller

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I don't want a bigger screen for my iPhone if it means the iPhone is much bigger. The current screen size is big enough for me – to be honest, my thumb doesn't reach any further and I already have some RSI issues stretching it over my phone screen. Apple's not going to come up with a solution that means we need to use two hands for our iPhones – one-handed use is crucial (particularly when you are standing up on the tube). 

I did mock up some bigger screen measurements, though, just to see what we would be working with. Reports suggest that there will be two new iPhones, one with a 4.7in screen, the other a phablet-style 5.5-incher iPhone. Currently the screen is 4in (about 10cm) diagonally and measures about 5cm by 9cm. Based on the assumption that Apple would stick with the 16:9 aspect ratio, if the phone was moved up to a 4.7in screen we'd be looking at measurements of about 5.6cm by 10cm (4in by 2.2in).

Apple could make the screen bigger without adding too much width and length to the phone if it could reduce the amount of space taken up by the bezel. One thing we an be sure of is that the Home Button is here to stay (since it's where the Touch ID sensor is) so maybe the top of the iPhone bezel will reduce in size. The leaked images and parts of the iPhone 6 seem to suggest the bezel will be much smaller and that the new iPhone will have an edge to edge display.

Another way that Apple could ensure a slightly bigger iPhone could still sit comfortably in a small hand is if it made the phone thinner. I quite like the idea of a slimmer iPhone Air for that reason.

3) iPhone 6 needs an unbreakable screen

When I was using the iPhone 5 I used one of those screen protectors on it to protect the screen from scratches. After months of use it looked terrible, with the corners turned up and an orangey tint. Still, it looks better than it would look if I'd smashed it. I think that if Apple's iPhone 6 offers shatter- and scratch-proof glass it will be on to a winner. (It will also save itself a fortune in repairing iPhone screens. The problem is so bad that Apple has machines in Apple Stores that it can use to replace broken iPhone screens.)

The irony is that Apple always prided itself on the Gorilla Glass it uses on the iPhones, bragging about how it wouldn't break. We all know that's a load of rubbish because we have all broken at least one iPhone screen in our time.

Unbreakable screens are the way to go, but what options does Apple have? The latest glass to gain attention is the Sapphire glass being used in the iPhone 5s Touch ID sensor and the rear-facing camera lenses. Sapphire glass is less likely to scratch and break, and it's more than twice as durable as Corning's Gorilla Glass, according to reports.

If Apple uses Sapphire glass on the iPhone 6, as it is rumoured to, and if this indeed means that our phones are less liable to scratching and smashing, then the company will be on to a winner.

As for these curved screen rumours, I can't see the logic in a curved screen. Apart from anything, looking at your photos would be like looking at a hall of mirrors! Why would that be necessary? What on earth would we gain from it? The idea of a bendy flexible screen is just as daft. Read our 7 most ridiculous iPhone 6 rumours.

4) We need a new colour for iPhone 6

Apple introduced new colour options for the iPhones this year, but those new colours can only be appreciated from the back and side. From the front your iPhone is still black or white. Frankly I'm bored of the bezel, and if Apple is going to keep it then please give us a new choice of colour for it. Even the colourful iPhone 5c range is black if you look at them face on.

5) We need a better camera for the iPhone 6

There are reports that the new iPhone 6 will offer more megapixels, but as Apple knows, megapixels are meaningless if the camera isn’t good quality. All the extra megapixels do is fill up your photo library. It doesn't make the pictures any better. Much more attractive are the claims that Apple will be focusing on other areas, such as, well, focusing. There is an Apple patent filing for a technology that would help with this. I like the sound of that. Read about why it doesn't matter how many megapixels your camera has.

6) The iPhone 6 needs to be waterproof

This is similar to the issue with the breakable screen - these are surely the two most common reasons why iPhones are written off. Whether the iPhone got wet because you dropped it in toilet, or if you spilled a cup of tea over it, your chances of bringing it back to life are slim - although if you follow our advice for rescuing a drowned iPhone you might be lucky. See: How to fix a water-damaged Apple iPhone: Emergency tips and solutions.

7) The iPhone 6 needs to offer better battery life

Most people complain that their iPhone is always running out of battery. Actually it doesn't matter which smartphone you use, they are all going to drain your battery quicker than you would like. We have a load of tips for increasing iPhone battery life here: How to improve iPhone battery life but we would prefer it if we didn't have to go through the menus of our iPhone turning certain features off. When you receive your new iPhone you should be able to leave it with the settings that Apple wants you to have, but we have to turn many of these features off. For example, we all turn Bluetooth off to preserve battery, it's going to be a struggle for Apple to convince users to turn Bluetooth back on if the battery continues to drain quicker than people would like. Bluetooth is going to become a bigger deal in the future with the iWatch and other wearable tech as well as Apple's iBeacon technology said to be enhanced in iOS 8. Read: Apple's plans for iBeacon in iOS 8.

8) The iPhone 6 needs better phone reception

I remember when the first iPhone came out someone said it was good at everything but it wasn't good at being an actual phone. Years later and we still struggle to get a signal some times. We still have trouble hearing the person on the other end of the line, and sometimes they can't hear us. We also find that sometimes the call doesn't connect to the other phone, and there are times when the phone call is dropped, but the phone seems to freeze and won't allow us to end the call. These are all pretty serious failings for a device with phone in its name.

Some of these issues could be blamed on the networks here in the UK, and particularly the fact that 3G coverage is so bad here and 4G coverage still in its infancy two years after it launched. Read about why 3G is so bad here in the UK and how 4G should help.

Apple should pay the actual phone features of the iPhone some attention so that we can all have a better experience with our new iPhone 6 - or iPhone Air, or iPhone Pro, or iPhone L, or iPhone Lite, or whatever it is they name it/them!

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