Apple has reinvented the iPhone. The iPhone X might not be the first all-screen phone on the market, but it is one that's making a huge impact. But it doesn't come cheap. Here, you'll find the best iPhone X deals to soften the blow.

We've got all of the information about how to buy the iPhone X and where to get the best deals in the UK here. If you're from the US, visit our sister site's article all about the best places to buy the iPhone X in America.

Top iPhone X deals

We've got a rundown of all of the iPhone X deals available below, as well as a customisable price comparison tool that you can use to find the perfect contract for you, but to get you started, we've picked out our favourite iPhone X contracts:

  • Vodafone, 40GB data, unlimited text and minutes, £59.99 upfront and £66 per month. Available at Carphone Warehouse.
  • Vodafone, 16GB data, unlimited texts and minutes, no upfront cost and £58 per month. Available at Mobile Phones Direct.

iPhone X price

The iPhone X is not cheap. If you buy the iPhone direct from Apple the price starts at £999 or $999, and that's for the 64GB model. For the 256GB model, you're looking at a whopping £1,149/$1,149. Wowzers.

But many people will buy it on contract instead, which means that payments are spread over one or two years so you don't have to break into your savings to get your hands on the iPhone X.

iPhone X SIM-free

As we said above, buying the iPhone X from Apple will cost you £999 for the 64GB iPhone X or £1,149 for the 256GB version.

You can buy the iPhone X SIM-free or on contract from Carphone Warehouse for the same price as Apple here.

Other places to check for the iPhone X (all of which will come with the same price tag as Apple's, but may have better availability or warranties), are listed below:

iPhone X contracts

Carphone Warehouse iPhone X contracts

Among the most popular contracts at Carphone Warehouse is the £66 per month option for £59.99 upfront with Vodafone, which gets you 40GB data as well as unlimited texts and minutes. You can see all of Carphone Warehouse's options here.

Remember to check upgrade deals if your contract with Carphone Warehouse is about to come to an end as they may offer you a big discount.

EE iPhone X contracts

EE is selling the iPhone X too. It claims that its best-selling plan is a 30GB option that costs £78 per month with a £10 upfront fee. Other plans include £10 upfront with an £83 per month fee for 60GB data.

You can see every EE plan available here.

Mobile Phones Direct iPhone X contracts

Mobile Phones Direct has some good iPhone X contract options, including 25GB data, unlimited texts and minutes for £58 per month and no upfront fee. See deal and other prices from Mobile Phones Direct here. iPhone X contracts recommends its £38 per month, £335 upfront contract for the iPhone X on O2. You'll get 15GB data and unlimited texts and minutes. See this deal and others from here.

O2 iPhone X contracts

If you prefer to go with O2, you can order now here. A 50GB tariff (doubled from the usual 25GB until August 8th) will cost £76 per month and £9.99 upfront which is pretty expensive unless you're already on the O2 Refresh programme, which will make it much cheaper.

Three iPhone X contracts

Pricing with Three starts at £58 per month with a £79 upfront cost. For that you'll get 4GB of data. You can see all of Three's plans here.


Contract prices on Vodafone start at £57 per month and go up to £75 per month for 60GB data. Order from Vodafone here.

Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile offers the iPhone X on its Swap12 and Swap24 plans. Among the best is the 1GB, unlimited calls and texts for £50 per month with no upfront cost for 12 months. Plus you can get a free return flight within Europe when you sign up with this deal.

The names of those two plans refer to the number of months between phone handset upgrades. The company notes that "If Swap12 or Swap 24 customers choose not to upgrade their phone after one and two years respectively, their monthly cost drops for the rest of their contract."

iPhone X contracts price comparison

For a continuously updated list of the best iPhone X contracts you can buy, use our price comparison tool below. If you can't see the comparison tool, click here for a version of this page optimised for your device.

For more iPhone deals, including those for the rest of Apple's line-up, visit our iPhone deals round-up here.