Apple's iPhone X was discontinued by the company back in September 2018. However, if you shop around, you might still be able to get the iPhone X at a cheaper price than it was originally sold for.

Here, you'll find the best iPhone X deals available now, but be quick because they won't be around forever.

We would also recommend checking out best iPhone XR deals if you want to consider the iPhone X's successor. Plus we have deals for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which were introduced in September 2019.

Top iPhone X deals

We've got a rundown of more iPhone X deals available below, via our customisable price comparison tool that you can use to find the perfect contract for you, but to get you started, here are the best iPhone X contracts we've found:

  • EE, 50GB data, unlimited texts and minutes, no upfront cost, £46.50 per month. Available from Mobile Phones Direct. With £228 cashback, paid in instalments, that effectively reduces line rental to £9.50 a month over a 24 month period.
  • You can also look for deals on the Carphone Warehouse website here.

iPhone X price

Despite being discontinued by Apple more than two years ago, the iPhone X is still not cheap. It previously started at £999 or $999, and that was for the 64GB model. For the 256GB model, you were looking at a whopping £1,149/$1,149. Wowzers.

Now that it's been replaced, you would think you would be able to pick it up a bit cheaper, but retailers don't seem to be reducing the price much.

In fact, if you can't find the iPhone X for less than £629/$599 - the price of the iPhone XR - then you really shouldn't buy one.

iPhone X SIM-free

As we said above, the few retailers that are still selling the iPhone X haven't reduced the price of the iPhone X by much. So, it's likely that you could get a newer iPhone XR (still sold by Apple but now at the cut-down price of £629/$599) or even an iPhone 11 (£729/$699) that launched in September 2019 instead for not much more - or even less than the price of the iPhone X. You can check out the best iPhone XR deals and the deals for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

You can compare prices across retailers using our live pricing tool below (note a few of these appear to be iPhone XR deals - and they are better than the iPhone X deals! Go figure!)

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A few retailers to check for the iPhone X are listed below.

Refurbished iPhone X (SIM-free)

Buying refurbished can save you hundreds of pounds. The first place to check is Apple's Refurbished Store, which has a 64GB iPhone X available for £699 (which is more than the newer iPhone XR, so not a great deal!). Go to the Apple Refurbished Store now.

Another reseller to check for refurbished iPhone X deals is Envirofone which specializes in refurbished phones, tablets and other devices. It previously had the iPhone X for as low as £527.24. View deal here.

Keep in mind when you buy refurbished that the quality of the product may sometimes show a bit of wear and tear – unless you buy certified refurbished. When a device is marked certified refurbished, it goes through rigorous testing and repairs to ensure the product works good as new by Apple's standards.

You can also find Amazon Renewed iPhone X devices. While these are not certified refurbished by Apple, they are thoroughly checked by Amazon technicians and come with a 1-year supplier's warranty. A 'renewed' iPhone X (64GB) is available for £603.74.

iPhone X contracts

You may still be able to find some options when it comes to choosing a contract deal for the iPhone X. You can go directly to network carriers like EE, O2, Three or Vodafone – or to resellers like Carphone or Mobile Phones Direct, that aggregate deals from across all networks.

We also recommend using our price comparison tool below for a continuously updated list of the best iPhone X contract deals. If you can't see the comparison tool, click here for a version of this page optimised for your device.