As the Mac turns 30, we take a look at some of the most impressive, surprising and fascinating numbers that add up to Apple's Macintosh success.

1984 – The year the very first Macintosh, the Macintosh 128k, went on sale, and also the name of the iconic Apple ad that first introduced the Macintosh to the public that year.

$900,000 – The cost of that Ridley Scott '1984' commercial that aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII.

16.5 million – The number of Macs sold in fiscal 2013.

18.15 million – The number of Macs sold in fiscal 2012.

50,000 – The number of Macintoshes sold within the Macintosh's first three months of availability. Apple predicted that it would sell 50,000 Macs in the 100 days following its introduction, but it reached that 100-day goal on Day 73 (6 April 1984). By Day 100 (3 May 2984), Apple had sold 72,000 Macs, but product marketing manager Barbara Koalkin boasted: "We could have sold 200,000 Macintoshes if we could have built them.

250,000 – The number of Macintosh computers sold in 1984. It took until September 1985 to sell 500,000 Macs, and Apple didn't reach the one million mark until March 1987.

$500 – The amount it cost Apple to build the first Macintosh.

$2,495 – The price of the original Macintosh (£1,800 in pounds but with inflation taken into account around £3316.66). There were a number of reasons for the ramped up price: Apple had spent $78 million in development costs when building it; and then CEO John Sculley had agreed to spend $15 million on an advertising blitz that included the 1984 commercial. Steve Jobs had originally hoped to sell the Mac for $1,495.

128KB - The original Macintosh's RAM, and the figure later affixed to that model's name when the new version with 512KB RAM was launched.

400KB – The storage space of the 3.5in floppy disk drive featured in the original Macintosh. That was enough space to store the System Software, an application and files created using that application. Users had to keep multiple floppy disks and swap them regularly.

78 million – The number of modern Macs Apple has ever sold (as of October 2013).

7.4 trillion – The number of iOS and Mac push notifications ever sent (as of mid-2013…)

422 – The number of Apple Stores in the world. 37 of those can be found in the UK. That's compared with 254 Apple Stores in the US.

1 million – The number of Apple Store customers served on an average day.