At the launch of Creative Suite 6 (CS6) last night, Adobe revealed what's to come for users who sign up for its Creative Cloud software-and-services subscription offering.

Alongside a panel discussion on creativity featuring fashion designer Wayne Hemingway, film director Gareth Edwards and a surprisingly non-sweary Mr Bingo, Adobe mapped out some of the future of Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud launches in the next 30 days with all the CS6 and Touch Tablet software tools*, Dropbox-style online storage, Business Catalyst website hosting and TypeKit embeddable web fonts. In its first iteration, Creative Cloud is for freelancers and other single-person users - a team version is due later this year with features for sharing work.

Adobe says its working on user galleries for creatives to share and showcase their work. From the stills shown, it looked very much like Behance.

As revealed before, Creative Cloud subscribers will also get a free copy of Lightroom 4 and the ability to create Single Edition DPS apps for iOS and Android without paying the current $395 a shot Adobe currently charges.

What was brand new is a new app that allows you to capture and store colours using your smartphone's camera - and build colour schemes around them. This sounds very much like Pantone's myPantone app - but with access to the full RGB and CYMK gamut we're guessing (myPantone captures Pantone colours, which you can then convert to CMYK representations).

Creative Cloud costs £38.11 per month with an annual contract. Current owners of CS3 or later suites or products can get this for £22.23 per month. On a month-by-month basis, Creative Cloud costs 57.17.

All prices exclude VAT. Adobe says CS6 and Creative Cloud will be out before May 22.

* Though Adobe still hasn't explained how it will give you iOS apps when Apple only allows apps to be purchased through them for a set cost.