LoJack for Laptops’ Theft Recovery Team uses forensics and cyber-tools to enable the police to recover and return your stolen Mac.

LoJack® for Laptops by Absolute® Software enables you to lock down and locate a stolen Mac – but it’s much more than that.

MacBooks are becoming slimmer, lighter and more powerful with every upgrade. It’s never been easier to carry around the power of a desktop computer in a notebook’s clothing. As a Mac owner, all that portability is great for you; unfortunately, it’s also great for thieves. 

A small investment in LoJack for Laptops could help bring you peace of mind. A laptop is stolen every 50 seconds, and fewer than three per cent of those devices are recovered. With LoJack for Laptops, those odds are significantly improved to 75 per cent.

You can purchase LoJack for Laptops from Apple’s online store (store.apple.com/uk/go/lojack) and install it on the machine you want to protect. Also included in the price is a dedicated Theft Recovery Team that partners with law enforcers around the world to aid the recovery of your laptop. 

With a LoJack for Laptops subscription, you can act the moment you know your Mac has gone missing. By logging in to the service online, the protected device can be locked down, preventing it from booting into OS X. Your computer will now be useless to all but the most determined of thieves until you decide to unlock it. You can also choose to display a message on-screen – your return address, for example.

Delete Your Data

The LoJack for Laptops recovery process

You can even remotely wipe the target device. The LoJack for Laptops Data Delete feature is superior to others on the market (including Find My Mac). There are two reasons why this solution is superior. First, it leaves OS X and the LoJack for Laptops software intact, so there is still a possibility that the stolen Mac can be located and recovered. Second, the Data Delete process overwrites the deleted data seven times to ensure that your sensitive data cannot be recovered through the use of data recovery software or related services. This way your sensitive data is protected and your details are safe from identity theft. 

It’s often the case that items are lost rather than stolen, which makes LoJack for Laptops’ location features invaluable. If you’ve simply left your MacBook in a hotel room or the back of a cab, you should be able to quickly track it down using GPS, Wi-Fi or IP location. The tool maps the laptop’s current location, so over time it’s easy to tell if it’s on the move or has been left in one place. 

We’d never recommend you attempt to retrieve a stolen laptop yourself. It’s far too dangerous and best left to the professionals, which neatly brings us on to the most important and impressive aspect of the LoJack for Laptops service.

Your LoJack for Laptops purchase includes access to Absolute Software’s crack Theft Recovery Team. It’s like buying a subscription to your own private police force. The team is made up of more than 45 law enforcement and security experts. Many are ex-police, while others have served in the military or government agencies around the world. Together with local police forces, the team has recovered over 28,000 stolen laptops in 96 countries. 

Don’t Go it Alone

Research conducted by OnePoll in 2012 suggests that victims of laptop theft are more likely than ever to take the law into their own hands and go it alone. It’s become a viable option thanks to device location services built into operating systems and hardware tracking systems.  

Quite apart from the obvious dangers of directly confronting thieves, there are other complications with this approach. “Stolen laptops are often quickly resold,” explains Derek Skinner, Absolute Software’s Regional Director for Recovery and Investigative Services. “If a person innocently purchased a stolen laptop they may not be a ‘thief’ at all and you may be going after someone who is innocent…”

Skinner cites a recent case where a 52-year-old man tracked down a lost iPhone using its built-in GPS. He confronted and attacked a youth who was using an iPhone near to the scene, but he had the wrong man. His handset was actually close by, where he’d left it in a snack bar.

With LoJack for Laptops’ recovery service, you can leave the retrieval of your items to trained professionals and the law; a safe solution that prevents mistakes like this from ever happening.

Success Stories

LoJack for Laptops helps recover lost and stolen computers every day. A recent case study illustrates how tough it is to beat the Absolute Theft Recovery Team.

A UK student returned home to discover that both his and a housemate’s laptop had been stolen following a break-in. The lads rang the police straight away, and then notified Absolute Software’s Theft Recovery Team.

Luckily he was able to use LoJack for Laptops to delete all of the data on his machine while the team got on with the task of catching the thieves. Four weeks later, local police called to confirm that the Theft Recovery Team had found the stolen computer. In Pakistan.

Unfortunately the housemate wasn’t so lucky. His computer didn’t have LoJack for Laptops installed, so was lost.

LoJack for Laptops is available to buy for £69.95, giving you three years of protection including the theft recovery service. As standalone software, and with the range of remote features packed into it, the price would already be right. But when you consider that a subscription also gets you access to Absolute Software’s Theft Recovery team – it’s a real bargain.

You never know when a laptop might be stolen; whether it’s with you on the road or apparently safe at home. Though location-only services can help track down lost or snatched devices, LoJack for Laptops combination of innovative technology and law enforcement expertise makes it a must-have for any MacBook owner.

For further details go to store.apple.com/uk/go/lojack