It’s possible to pack your Mac and iPhone with a wealth of free stuff. From free music to the best free movies and free books; once you know a few pointers you’ll never have to pay for stuff again. In this feature we look at how to get the best free stuff for Mac. Read next: How to get free music on iPhone

Get free Apple stuff: Music

Where to find free music in iTunes for Mac

While you can still pay for music, there are lots of ways to get completely free music on your Mac, iPad and iPhone. Here are the best ways to get completely free music:

iTunes Single Of The Week. Every week you can get a free song from Apple iTunes. Open iTunes > Music and choose Single Of The Week from the Music sidebar. (Or click this link.)

Google Play Free Song Of The Week. Google has followed Apple’s lead and also offers a free song each week. This can be downloaded and imported into iTunes. Click here for Google Play Free Song Of The Week.

Amazon Free Digital Music. Amazon has a huge stash of free music available. Click here for Amazon’s Free Digital Music selection.

Soundcloud. You can download a lot of new music, and mashups of classic tracks from Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a great source of homespun tracks.

Jamendo. The largest collection of independent tracks on the internet. You’re unlikely to find chart toppers, but you can get some great new music on Jamendo.

Spotify, Napster, Google Play streaming. There’s a lot of different streaming services that will play you the latest hits alongside adverts. See: How to get free music on your Mac, best music streaming services

Get free Apple stuff: Films and movies

Where to find free movies and films

Watching free video on a Mac or iOS device is also pretty straight forward. It’s typically easier to stream free movies than it is to download and watch them (although we have options for both.) Here are some options to look out for when getting free movies:

BBC Films. BBC has started to stream some full films on its BBC iPlayer service. The selection is pretty limited, but sometimes it offers up high quality movies, so it is worth keeping an eye on

Tesco Clubcard TV. You can stream a bunch of films from Tesco with its Clubcard TV (BlinkBox) service as long as you have a Tesco Clubcard.

YouTube Movies. You can watch full movies on YouTube now. Some you pay for; others are free. Here’s the link to the YouTube Full Movies page.

Internet Archive. Lots of films have fallen out of copyright like Metropolis, or like Night Of The Living Dead were never copyrighted in the first place. The Internet Archive is the place to go to get these movies. It enables you to play a huge range of public service movies and copyright free movies.

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Get free Apple stuff: books and audiobooks

Where to find free books and audiobooks for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Getting hold of free books is really easy and, because many classics have fallen out of copyright, it’s possible to get some great reading material for free. Many new authors are embracing a free model, happy to get their works in front of an audience. There is also a range of books created alongside TV shows or by websites such as Lonely Planet.

Here are the best places to find free books:

iBooks Store. Open iBooks on the Mac and click on iBook Store. Look for Free Books in the link on the right hand side. (Here is a direct link to Free Books on the iBooks Store.)

Free Book Collections on If you prefer to use Amazon’s Kindle bookstore you can also get a huge range of free books. Here is a link to the Free Books on the Amazon Store.

Project Gutenberg. This is a great place to download free classics. The Project Gutenberg offers 45,000 free ebooks.
Librivox. If you’re after free audiobooks then check out Librivox. A team of volunteers read out audiobooks and share them.

Remember that Apple also gives away a range of free music, movies and apps for the first 12 days after Christmas Click here to learn more about Apple’s 12 Days Of Christmas give-away.

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