When I used Safari running under Tiger, my downloads would go to the desktop. Now that I’m using Leopard, they go into the Downloads folder. I know that my desktop is cleaner now, but I don’t like having to open my Downloads folder whenever I want to get a file I’ve downloaded. Is there some way to turn this off?

Charles Bilkin

Yes, there is. Just open Safari’s preferences; click on the General tab; and, from the Save Downloaded Files To pop-up menu, choose Other. In the sheet that appears, navigate to the Desktop folder in your user folder and click on Select. Files you download will now appear on the desktop.

But before you do that, consider this: perhaps you can have both easy access to your downloaded files and a clearer desktop. To achieve that, enter an address like this in Safari’s Address field, replacing yourusername with the name of your user account:file:///Users/yourusername/Downloads


Drag the small icon of the Downloads folder that appears just to the left of the address into the Bookmarks Bar and name it something like Downloads. Now, when you want quick access to files you’ve downloaded, just click on this new Downloads bookmark, and the Downloads folder will open in the Finder.

Similarly, in Safari’s Downloads window you can quickly get to your downloaded file by clicking on the magnifying-glass icon next to its name. The Finder comes to the fore with the Downloads window open and your file highlighted (unless it’s a disk-image file that was automatically opened, in which case clicking on this icon takes you to the window that shows you all the mounted volumes on your Mac). We also make a point of dragging the Downloads folder into a Finder window’s Sidebar so that we can quickly open it from any Finder window.