If you have to insert a signature into a PDF, the typical solution is to create a graphic file of your signature (perhaps by scanning a signed sheet of paper) and then insert that graphic into the PDF. That system works, but placing and sizing the graphic can sometimes be a hassle. One reader came up with a clever alternative:

To start, you need to create a font based on your handwriting. There are several online services that will do this for you, but you can use the £3.99 iFontMaker iPad app instead. It lets you write letters by hand on the iPad’s screen, and then it combines those letters in a TrueType font file. Here’s the trick to then creating your signature. Pick a character you don’t expect to use (the caret [^], for example). But instead of drawing a caret for that character, write your signature.

That done, after installing your handwriting font on your Mac, you can type Shift-6 (the key combo for the caret) to insert your signature. Because the signature is a graphic of text, you can use an app like Smile’s PDFpen (£34.99, Mac App Store) or the free FormulatePro (code.google.com/p/formulatepro) to insert it into a PDF and place and size it properly.

You can then save the completed PDF (still in PDF format).