I am a training solutions SME and need to design items using software such as Articulate Studio 09 or the new Adobe eLearning suite, but they only work on Windows! 

Could I use a virtualisation solution like Fusion or Parallels? Which software would work best? Are there any Mac alternatives?
Alan Lucas 

First, most of the components in Adobe’s eLearning suite actually do run on the Mac. Only Presenter – a fast courseware development and prototyping tool – doesn’t, but you can accomplish much with just Captivate and Flash.

Virtualisation could work for you, but it’s not the ideal solution. We’d really only advise it for running Articulate Studio 09 – users report that it runs well in both Parallels and Fusion. But there are alternatives. 

Sticking with Adobe a moment longer, there’s Adobe Director. It’s thought of these days as a game development tool, but started life as a multimedia authoring package. With a similar workflow to its defunct stablemate Authorware, it allows deployment to Mac and Windows via internet and optical media.

However, if you want a simpler, presentation-centred tool, have you thought of Keynote? It’s part of Apple’s iWork suite. At around £50 it’s very reasonably priced and exports to Flash.