Safari 4 has an image cache that stores a JPEG and PNG version of every web page I visit. Is it possible to disable this feature?
Martin Pace

If you use Safari 4’s Top Sites feature, which displays sites you visit on an image wall, you need the cached images because they’re displayed on this wall. If, however, you never use this feature, dump the images and use the following technique to prevent them from stacking up again.

To dump the images, choose Safari > Reset Safari and, in the window that appears, select only the Remove All Webpage Preview Images option and click the Reset button (see ‘Off the wall’). To stop Safari from gathering more images, navigate to youruserfolder/Library/Caches/ and select the Webpage Previews folder. Press C-I. In the resulting window, enable the Locked option. Once the folder has been locked in this way, Safari will find it impossible to save images to it.