I’m using Microsoft Outlook 2011 on my laptop and iMac. I’d like to move a week’s worth of messages from one to the other, but there doesn’t seem to be any easy way to do it. What’s the secret?
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 With Entourage you could drag a folder with a week’s worth of messages to the desktop to turn it into an MBOX file – a file format that, with the exception of Outlook 2011, is supported by every email client on the planet.

Instead, when you choose Outlook’s File > Export command, you’re offered the single option to export mail in the Outlook For Mac Data File (.olm) format. And – just as regrettably – you have to export all your mail. There’s no option that will allow you to export a range of mail or a single mailbox. The solution is to create an empty folder on the desktop for the messages you want to export. Select those messages you want to export in Outlook and then drag them to this folder. Each message appears as an .eml file. Now transfer this folder full of messages to your other Mac.

If you double-click on one of these .eml files, Apple’s Mail will probably open to a preview of the message. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to drag the files into Outlook in this condition. You must first change the files’ application association.

You can do this by selecting one of the exported .eml files, pressing Cmd-I to produce the file’s Info window, choosing Microsoft Outlook from the Open With pop-up menu in the Info window, and finally clicking the Change All button. You can now select all of these messages and drag them into Outlook, where they’ll appear, complete with any attachments.