I want to send a friend just the email addresses for members of a group in my Address Book. How can I do that without opening each individual contact and copying this information?
Jim Arsenault

Download and install a copy of Andreas Amann’s Mail Scripts (free, www.andreasamann.com). If you don’t see an AppleScript icon in the menu bar, launch AppleScript Editor (found in /Applications/Utilities), open its preferences, and, in the General tab, enable the Show Script Menu In Menu Bar option. Next, select Address Book Scripts from the menu bar’s AppleScript menu, and choose Export Addresses.

From the Export Addresses window, select the group whose email addresses you’d like to export and click the Export button. In the sheet that appears, select the field you want to export – email – and any elements within that field such as Home, Work, and Other (see Export Addresses via AppleScript, on the left).

From the pop-up menu at the bottom of the sheet, choose an output format for the data – Tab Delimited, Comma Separated, or Custom Delimiter. The application then creates a text file that contains just the information you want and places it on your desktop. 

Mail Scripts allows you to export specific items from Address Book contacts to a text file