We recently gave our daughter an iPod touch for her birthday. She wants to download apps, but we’re not prepared to give her our credit card details. Is there a way she can have an iTunes account that isn’t tied to a credit card?
Karen Haas

Launch iTunes, select iTunes Store, and then sign out of your iTunes account. Select App Store in iTunes, find any free app, and click on the word Free to ‘buy’ it. In the window that appears click Create New Account. Click Continue in the welcome screen, and on the succeeding page agree to the terms and conditions and click Continue. You’ll then be asked to provide an email address you haven’t used before (this can be your daughter’s address), along with a password, a security question, and a date of birth. Once you’ve done this, click Continue again.

In the resulting Provide A Payment Method screen, choose None in the Payment Method area. Enter your address information below and click Continue. You’ll then be asked to enter an email address from which you can verify the account. Verify the account with the email message that arrives shortly, and the account will be activated and otherwise good to go.

Your daughter will be able to download any free content she likes from the iTunes Store, including apps. However, if she wants to purchase something, she’ll see a window that tells her that the purchase can’t be completed until some kind of payment information is linked to the account.

Should she wish to buy a paid app, you can provide the means for doing so. There are two options. You can create an iTunes Allowance – this is where you are able to send a regular monthly iTunes Store Credit to a family member, friend or colleague. But there’s another way – buy her an iTunes gift certificate (these are available from the iTunes Store and many retail outlets). On the iPod, launch the iTunes Store app, tap Redeem at the bottom of the Music screen, enter the certificate’s code in the iTunes Code field, and tap Redeem.