iTunes 10 adds a slew of interesting new features, but one of them is controversial.  The program saves a bit of on-screen real estate by arranging the red, yellow and green close, minimise and maximise buttons vertically instead of horizontally. The title bar has also been slimmed down a bit. Some iTunes users like this new, non-standard, arrangement – but others seem to hate it. If you’re in the latter group, here’s how to go back to the old style:

First, close iTunes. Then open Terminal and enter the command defaults write full-window -1.

When you restart iTunes, the buttons will once again be horizontal. That’s not the only change. The traditional title bar (with the name of the app sitting at the top) will also return (which is handy if you tend to move iTunes around a lot, because it gives you a few more pixels to grab.)

If you find that you prefer iTunes’ new vertical-button layout, you can restore it with the command defaults write full-window -0.