When I search for something on Google’s website, it shows me only 10 results per page. I’ve changed Google’s search preference settings many times, but I still see just the 10 results. Why is this?
Amanda Pearson

The most likely cause is that the Google Instant Search option is enabled within your preferences. To find out, click the Search Settings link at the top right of your browser window and, in the Preferences page that appears, look in the Google Instant area near the bottom of the page. If Use Google Instant is enabled, then enable the Do Not Use Google Instant option instead, then click Save Preferences. Click the Search Settings link again and this time choose a higher number from the Number of Results pop-up menu. Again, click Save Preferences. Now when you search Google you should see the number of results you’ve asked for rather than just the 10 that Google Instant brings up.

If the Google Instant setting isn’t the source of your problem, there are a couple of other things that could be causing it. Your browser may be unable to save your settings because you’ve chosen to accept no cookies. Your Google preference settings are stored in a cookie, and if you’ve configured your browser to reject cookies, the settings won’t stick.

Another possibility is that you have some corrupt browser files gumming up the works. The first step for dealing with them is to clear your browser’s cache.

In Safari, do this by choosing Empty Cache from the menu. In Firefox, click the Network tab in the Advanced preference and click the Clear Now button in the Offline Storage area.

If that doesn’t do the trick, you may have a corrupt browser cookie. Both Safari and Firefox let you clear all cookies, within Safari’s Security preference and Firefox’s Privacy preference. Each also allows you to delete specific cookies. Deleting just those cookies associated with Google may be the better way to go so you don’t lose all your saved settings for other websites.