If you use groups in Address Book, you may have run into a little glitch when using them to address messages in Mail. If a group member has more than one email address – one for home and another for work, say – how do you tell Mail which one to use?

You can actually specify the address you want to use for group messages. In Address Book, Control-click (or right-click) on the group and select Edit Distribution List. In the subsequent Distribution List window, you can select a default email address for each member of the group. The next time you address a message to that group, Mail should use the addresses you want.

If you have the opposite problem – you want your messages to go to multiple addresses for group members – there’s a way to do that, too.

First, create two groups – Home Group and Work Group, for example – and add contacts to both. Next, select Home Group and (as before) Control-click and choose Edit Distribution List. In the Distribution List window, select Home from the Change All Labels drop-down menu. Do the same for the Work Group, but this time select Work from the drop-down menu. Finally, create a third group – let’s call it Group – and drag the two other groups into it. The next time you use Group in Mail’s address field, both home and work addresses will appear for every user who has both.