have been experiencing internet problems with both my iMac and MacBook. One of the main issues is that when I try to view Google search results by image, the images do not load. However, I can see images when I view results by image on my PC laptop…
Les Johnson

To troubleshoot further, we would suggest you empty your temporary internet cache, exit the browser you’re using and try again. If you’re using Safari, go to Safari > Empty Cache. Or, to be more comprehensive, go to Safari > Reset Safari. Close the browser, reopen and try an image search.

Still not working? Try this. Go to System Preferences > Network. Select your active internet connection and choose Advanced. Click DNS. In the DNS screen click the Add button and type and hit return. Click Add again and add – these are Google’s free DNS service. If the problem’s with your ISP’s DNS, that should sort it out.

If not, try one last thing. Go to System Preferences > Security and click the Firewall tab. If the firewall’s on ensure your web browsers are added as exceptions.