You probably know that you can turn any document into a PDF from OS X’s standard Print dialog box. But you may not know that you can customise the PDF drop-down menu so you can easily save those PDFs to specific folders. If you use Dropbox (, that means you can easily create PDFs that are available on all of your Macs and iOS devices. To start, go to File > Print and click on the PDF button.

Choose Edit Menu at the bottom. Click the plus sign (+) button, which will prompt you to select a folder. At this point, you can select your main Dropbox folder; alternatively, you could create a subfolder within Dropbox specifically for PDFs and then select that. Click OK and you’re done.

The next time you click on that PDF button in any Print dialog box, it will include an option to save a PDF to your newly added Dropbox folder. To customise the menu option’s name – which, by default, will be just the name of your selected folder – rename the alias to the folder, which you’ll find in youruserfolder/Library/PDF Services.