I often need to change some of my Mac’s preferences, and I’m tired of all the trips to the Apple menu to select System Preferences. Know any shortcuts?
Brian Clark

First, check out some of the icons in the Mac’s menu bar. Click on any of the Time Machine, Bluetooth, AirPort, Battery (on a laptop), Clock, and Account menus, and you’ll find a command for opening that item’s associated system preference. (Option-click on the Sound menu to reveal a Sound Preferences command.)

Also, put your Mac’s Option and function keys to good use. On a MacBook Pro, for example, when you hold Option and press F1 or F2, the Displays system preference appears. Option-F3 or Option-F4 opens the Exposé & Spaces preference. Option-F5 or Option-F6 produces the Keyboard system preference. And Option-F10, Option-F11, or Option-F12 causes the Sound system preference to appear.