I’m looking to rip and burn movies with my new MacBook. What software would be best to use?
Michael Smith

For the first part of the equation – ripping DVDs – we’re fond of RipIt (www.ripitapp.com). It was featured as a Mac Gem last year and garnered a Macworld Editors’ Choice award in 2009. You can’t get much more straightforward than this easy-to-use tool and at $19.95 (about £12.50), it’s cheap too. Insert a DVD into your drive and RipIt gives you the option to either rip or eject the DVD. Click Rip and RipIt extracts the content of your DVD placing it in a DVD Player Media Document. You can play the file back on any Mac. Be aware that this is a legal grey area.

Next, use Disk Utility to create a disk image and burn a disk.?Choose File > New > Disk Image from Folder. Browse to the file created by RipIt and select DVD/CD Master when prompted. This enables you to create a DVD image file, which can then be burned to a writable DVD using Disk Utility. Job done.

Still having problems? You might if your Mac can’t handle dual-layer DVD burning. In that case, we recommend Popcorn 4 (www.roxio.com) for £35. That’ll do the whole thing for you.

NOTE: At the end of 2011 The UK Government made it legal for us to make copies for personal use of our media, but that didn't mean it was legal for people to break the DRM that makes it difficult to rip DVDs. According to the  government report: "The supply and use of equipment to circumvent technological measures is therefore illegal in UK and European law in recognition of the damage it can cause."