Since I upgraded to OS X 10.6.3, the addresses in Address Book refuse to sort. I tried changing the way contacts are sorted in the program’s preferences, but nothing works. Is there anything else I can do?
Michael Hull

This is another one of those ‘if all else fails, nuke the preference files’ situations. This option follows such tried-and-true methods as changing preferences within the application, restarting your Mac, and cursing.

In this very particular case, you should follow this path: youruserfolder/Library/Preferences; then enter AddressBook in the Search field (search by File Name in the Preferences folder). This will turn up both the and files. Next, quit Address Book, drag these files to the desktop, and relaunch Address Book. Doing this will create new preference files, and your contacts should now be sorted according to Address Book’s default settings: Show First Name Before Last Name and Sort By First Name. 

If everything is as hunky-dory as we suggest it should be, go ahead and trash the old preference files that you dragged to the desktop.