Is it possible to change the way that Apple iPhoto events behave when they’re sorted by date? Specifically, iPhoto sorts events by date based on the oldest date in the event, and I’d prefer sorting events based on the most recent date in the event.
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By default, iPhoto sorts events based on the date of the oldest image within the event. So, if you have five images in an event with the oldest image dated 2000 and the newest 2011, the event will be filed with other events that take place in the year 2000. If you’re asking iPhoto to sort events by the newest image within the event, we’re afraid you can’t. This is one of iPhoto’s quirks, and until Apple decides to change this by modifying the application, we’ll all just have to live with it.

You have a few options when you hit this wall, however. First, you can split the event so that images stamped with a particular date appear together in an event. To do that, select your event and choose Events > Autosplit Selected Events. The event’s images will be split into separate events that take place within the period of time chosen in iPhoto’s General preference. The default setting is One Event Per Day, but you can change it to One Event Per Week, Two-hour Gaps, or Eight-hour Gaps. So, citing our example, your year 2000 image will appear with other images taken that day, and the 2011 image will join its more up-to-date brothers and sisters in a separate event.

If you still want to group your images together, even though they bear wildly different dates, you can. One option is to sort your events manually. While viewing events, choose View > Sort Events, and choose Manually. Now drag your events where you want them.

Using iPhoto’s Batch Change command, you can easily change the time and date stamp for an entire event’s images by entering the new information in a handy dialog box

Another option is to rely on albums rather than events. Create an album of the images in an event and then drag your album wherever you like in iPhoto’s library pane. Finally, you can change the date stamp of images within an event. To do that, select an event and choose Photos > Batch Change. In the sheet that appears, choose Date from the Set pop-up menu, and enter the date you want in the Date field: ‘12/5/2011’, for example. Click OK and the new date will now be applied to all the images within that event.