We normally like Lion’s built-in iOS-style autocorrection, which corrects misspellings as you type, but it can sometimes make life difficult. For example, when searching for email messages from Christopher Breen, we’d type from:breen into Gmail, but Lion would replace ‘Breen’ with ‘green’. 

Fortunately, a reader came up with a fix. If Lion is autocorrecting a word that you’d prefer left alone, let it make the correction, and then fix the word so it’s spelled the way you want. Next, Control-click (or right-click) the word in question, and choose Learn Spelling from the contextual menu that appears. Lion won’t correct that word anymore.

Now, we already knew about the Learn Spelling option – we use it to fix words that our Macs mistakenly flag as misspelled. But Learn Spelling can fix rogue autocorrections, too.

If you’d prefer that Lion never autocorrect the words you type, remember that you can always go to System Preferences, open the Language & Text pane, go to the Text tab, and uncheck Correct Spelling Automatically.

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If Lion keeps autocorrecting the wrong words, you can make it learn them properly