We’ve written before about ways you can squeeze more bookmarks into Safari’s Bookmarks Bar and Bookmarks menu, by using folders, special symbols, and shorter names – go to www.macworld.com/6397 for that last hint. But a reader found another way to deal with bookmark overload.

Two things make this trick work: one, all bookmarks appear in the Bookmarks menu. And two, System Preferences lets you add keyboard shortcuts to any menu item. That means you can assign a hotkey to a bookmark, stash the bookmark somewhere out of the way, and use the hotkey to launch it instead.

To set this trick up, create a bookmark, and be sure to give it a unique name. Next, go to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab in the Keyboard system preference. In the list on the left, select Application Shortcuts and click the plus-sign (+) button below the list of shortcuts. In the resulting dialog box, set the Application to Safari. For Menu Title, enter the exact name of the bookmark you just created. In the Keyboard Shortcut box, enter
the keyboard shortcut you want to assign to it. Make sure the shortcut isn’t already in use. (Combinations using the Control key are a good bet.)

Now quit and reopen Safari. You should be able to launch the bookmark by using the hotkey combination you just assigned; if that doesn’t work, try again with a different key combo. Assuming it works, you can now hide the bookmark itself in a subfolder of the Bookmarks menu or in the overflow area of the Bookmarks Bar somewhere out of the way.