In our previous Masterclass, we built a timecard app, loaded it to an iPhone and generated timecard records for customers. Now we are going to add the ability to email a timecard from the iPhone. This is akin to how Apple Store staff offer to email you a receipt of your store purchases.

We will be designing within FileMaker Pro, then the application will be loaded to FileMaker Go to be run upon an iPhone or iPad within FileMaker Go. It may be helpful to describe the end result before we cover each step of the design process. We’ll click a button on a timecard record to build a corresponding email record. After being taken to that record, we’ll examine it, add anything we feel necessary to it and ultimately click the SEND button.

1. Create an email table  Since we’ll want to store the timecard emails we send out, let’s create an email table. We will add fields that will support capturing the information for the email message and provide links to the customers and timecard tables. Create the table with the fields shown above.

2. Our email layout  Now we are going to create the layout that is associated with our email table. We will keep things simple, create your layout to look like the one displayed. Our buttons are just placeholders for now, waiting for us to attach our soon-to-be created script.

3. Defining relationships  Now we add a relationship between our customer and timecard tables. This is so we can pull customers’ email address information from the timecard as needed. Establish a link by drawing a line between the customer ID fields in these tables in the Relationship tab of the Manage Database dialog.

4. The script list  Let’s take a look at what our end result will look like. We’ve added script folders to house the scripts to send emails from timecard or customer records. You can see that we named our scripts to start with a descriptive verb and then a brief description of its purpose.