Free online image-hosting sites like Flickr can create slideshows that may be added to websites without much trouble. But embedded Flickr slideshows incorporate the Flickr logo and link to its site, two things that won’t enhance professional, educational or personal websites.

This is where the new Showcase application from Softpress comes in. Showcase comes with the latest versions of web design software Freeway Express and Freeway Pro, an application that imports images (including those in iPhoto albums) and turns them into interactive thumbnail galleries or slideshows. These can be formatted in lots of different ways. Once that’s done, Freeway exports the website as standards-compliant HTML and uploads it to an FTP site or MobileMe account.

1. Choose your images  Start by organising your desired photos. These can be dragged from Finder into the Showcase window, but because Showcase browses iPhoto libraries it may be more convenient to create a folder containing the photos there. Here, an iPhoto album has been created and some photos added to it.

2. Organise the slides  Launch Showcase to import, arrange and resize photos. Flip the disclosure triangle next to the iPhoto icon to reveal albums and smart albums. Drag photos across to the main window and arrange them in the order in which you would like them to be displayed in the finished slideshow.

3. Add captions  Open the Inspector from the View menu then check the Show Captions box on the General Inspector palette. Edit the text under each photo. The Appearance Inspector pane lets you add borders, shadows and other cosmetic tweaks. The Output Inspector adjusts the quality of exported images used by Freeway.

4. Resize thumbnails and photos  Showcase exports images as thumbnails and large photos, the latter being what appears in the slideshow. Use the General Inspector palette of the Inspector to adjust the largest dimension of each of these. In this case, the previews measure 128 pixels across and the large photos 500 pixels.