11. Make it fit  Resize the slideshow until slide and thumbnails are visible. If the Action Item is too small, the large photo will be clipped and the forwards and backwards arrows on either side of the thumbnail strip will be missing. Adjust the number of thumbnails in the Columns box in the Thumbnail Settings section.

12. Hide or show controls  Slideshow controls allow users to pause or scroll through slideshows. To set the visibility of the controls, go to the Action palette, find Large Image Settings and in the Control menu choose Visible, Hidden, or Autohide (this last setting hides the controls until the cursor moves across the image).

13. Upload via FTP  Freeway is good at exporting standards-compliant web pages that render reliably across
a range of platforms and browsers, including iPhones and iPads. It’s worth spending a moment going through the options found in File > Document Setup.

14. Upload the finished site  Freeway can upload to remote servers via FTP, Secure FTP and SSH File Transfer protocols as well as MobileMe webspace. Go to File > Upload, select the required protocol in the drop-down menu at the top of the Upload window, then enter the server name, username and password.