For most people, iPhoto is the one iLife application they use above all others, and every couple of years Apple updates it, streamlining existing features and adding new ones. This time around it’s turned its attention to the slideshow creation tool, adding preset animations that produce professional-looking slideshows without you having to do anything.

In fact, so useful are slideshows, that a dedicated button is always present at the bottom of the interface. Clicking on it creates a slideshow based on a currently selected album or event. This is certainly useful, but what if you want to design one to share with friends and family who can’t be with you right now? Here we’ll show you how to create, customise and export a slideshow in minutes.

1. Instant slideshow Select an album, event or just some images you’d like to use, then click on the Slideshow button, located at the bottom of the interface. You get to choose a theme and a song, but not much else – you can’t even reorder the images, and there’s no way to save or share the result with others.

2. A new Slidebar menu Select some photos, but this time go to File > New > Slideshow. A new section will appear in your sidebar if this is the first time that you’ve done this. This is where all your slideshows will be stored. You can rename your slideshow at any time by clicking on its current title.