We recently looked at Premiere Element’s selection of special effects tools, which are far more extensive than those in Apple’s iMovie. Another area where Premiere Elements outdoes iMovie is its variety of tools for creating titles and text effects.

As well as having a full set of word processor-style tools that allow you to select different typefaces and text styles, Premiere Elements includes a wide range of templates and predefined animation effects. These can be used to create slick titles and credit sequences with just a few quick clicks of the mouse.

However, Premiere Elements really comes into its own when you combine those two sets of effects – applying keyframe animated special effects to titles in order to create really stylish animated title sequences.

1. Title templates  Premiere Elements has a wide range of tools that you can use to create titles and text effects. Like iMovie, it includes a simple set of templates that can be used to quickly create a particular look or style. You can find these title templates in the Edit section of the Task Panel.

2. Still life Creating your own titles from scratch gives you more freedom to experiment, so let’s click on the Title menu to get started. There are three options here – Default Still simply places some static text on the screen, while the roll and crawl options create animated text that scrolls either down or across the screen.

3. On track  We’ll select Default Still for now. The title text is then automatically placed in Video Track 2 in the Timeline, while the clip of the little girl is in Video Track 1. Putting the clips in this order ensures that the title text in track 2 is superimposed over the clip in track 1.