4. Format features  Now we’ll just type in ‘Paranormal Inactivity III’ as our main title text. As you can see, the title’s too big to fit onto the screen right now, but Premiere Elements includes a useful set of text-formatting tools that make it easy to alter the appearance of your title text.

5. Text styles  The Text Options panel allows you to modify settings such as the typeface, size and alignment, while the Text Styles panel beneath it includes dozens of preset text effects. We’ll select a style that has white text with a drop shadow that fits in with the cloudy background on this image.

6. Automatic animation  The text tools also include predefined animation effects. There are fades and zooms, effects that distort text, and effects that move individual characters on and off screen. We’ll select Focus Out, which zooms the text out towards the viewer. Then click Apply to automatically apply that effect to our title.