10. Animating effects  At the moment, the Zoom Blur effect has been uniformly applied to this entire clip, which means that the text just sits on screen with the same blurry effect for the whole 10 seconds. We’ll now click on the Edit Effects button in order to activate the program’s keyframe animation controls.

11. Zero hour  The Zoom Blur effect contains two main settings – zoom and blend – that you can adjust to change the appearance of the effect. We’ll move the editing cursor right to the beginning of the clip and then turn both settings to zero. That turns the effect right off so that the text looks normal once more.

12. Key frames  Now we’ll move the editing cursor forward a couple of seconds and create a new set of keyframes. Then we’ll slowly start to turn up the zoom and blend settings once more. This will animate the text so that the Zoom Blur effect starts to fade in over a couple of seconds.