One of the things that upset quite a few people when Apple rewrote iMovie back in 2008 was the fact that the program lost many of its special effects features. That version had a small selection of filter effects – such as a sepia tone or a hazy romantic glow – but these didn’t really give much scope. Thankfully, one of the key additions in iMovie ’11 is a set of one-step effects.

Most focus on time manipulation, such as the ability to speed up clips or play them in slow motion. There’s also an instant replay option that comes in handy for action shots in sports videos. These effects can’t compete with the precise key-frame controls in rivals such as Adobe’s Premiere Elements, but they’re great for adding a professional touch to your home videos.

1. On the menu  There’s an entirely new pull-down menu in iMovie 11, called the Clip menu. The program’s new one-step effects are all displayed in the top section, with additional editing tools shown in the lower sections. The new effects include options such as Slow Motion, Fast Forward, Rewind and Instant Replay.

2. Quick clip  You can apply the new effects to entire clips, but they tend to work best if you apply them sparingly. We’ve got an 18-second clip showing a snowboarder whizzing down a ramp and taking off, but we’ll just select a short section that shows him taking off and reaching the high point of his jump.