Whatever MacBook Pro you've got, you've probably spent enough on it that you don't want to risk it breaking - and don't mind spending just a little more to keep it safe.

There's no shortage of companies out there that make protective accessories for MacBooks, from laptop bags and rucksacks to sleeves, covers, and cases that clip on directly, and plenty of them do their best to be just as stylish as the Mac they're protecting.

We've rounded up a selection of our favourite cases for the MacBook Pro, whether you have a 13in or 15in model, with or without a Touch Bar, to keep your Mac as safe as it can get. If you've got an older model, you might be better off looking at our separate round-up of cases for the 2015 MacBook Pro and older.

Mujjo Sleeve

Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro

You own a MacBook so you must be stylish, right? If so, consider the range of quality sleeves from Dutch design wizards Mujjo.

These padded protectors are crafted from full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and felt, and are designed to securely carry the 13in and 15in Macbook Pros.

The leather fold-over closure - with one-snap button - provides a simple closure and keeps your device secure. The rivets are lined to keep your Macbook from touching anything but soft, thick felt.

There are integrated storage compartments to store documents, earplugs, and your other stuff.

Apple Leather Sleeve for 13in MacBook Pro

Apple Leather Sleeve for 13in MacBook Pro

The newest addition to Apple's roster of cases for the MacBook Pro is the leather range - available for both the 13in and 15in models (£199/US$199). 

It fits snug (tight, even) and is lined with a microfibre interior to keep your beloved MacBook Pro safe from scratches - though this lining is only on one side. The bottom also has raised guards like the protective feet and plugs under your MacBook (that is, those four round black buttons underneath the computer that prevent the base from sitting flush against a surface).

The case is expensive, which is why were disappointed to find it doesn't allow charging when it's on the MacBook. You can still access the headphone port, but the USB-C port remains concealed. This is good to prevent dust and debris from getting in, but not very convenient otherwise.

Incase Icon Sleeve

Incase Icon Sleeve for MacBook Pro

Not all laptop sleeves are created equal, and the Incase Icon is one of the good 'uns. It "incorporates advanced Tensaerlite technology," so you know it means business - which essentially means it's really good at absorbing impacts and protecting your laptop from damage. 

There's a magnetic snap enclosure along one of the short sides which is how you get your MacBook in and out, which has the dual benefits of being convenient to use, and avoiding the risk of scratching your laptop with a zip, which would sort of defeat the point of using a case in the first place.

Available in black (pictured) and grey.

Mosiso MacBook Pro 13 Case 2016 -2018

Mosiso MacBook Pro 13 Case 2016 -2018

Here's an option if you're looking to dress up your MacBook Pro while also keeping it protected. There are tonnes of styles to choose from too.

Mosiso cases are compatible with Pro Retina models from 2016 to 2018 with or without Touch Bar, so ensure your MacBook is the right model before you pick one up.

You also get a matching keyboard cover and screen protector for additional safe-guarding and against spills and dust.

KEC Hard Shell MacBook Pro 13

KEC Hard Shell MacBook Pro 13

For an alternative to Mosiso's patterned cases, check out KEC's offerings which also come with a keyboard cover. The back casing is rubberized to provide additional grip and to prevent scratches.

The cases are compatible with models with the Touch Bar. You can also pick up a case for the 15in MacBook Pro too for £18.99/$22.99.

Booq Cobra Squeeze

Booq Cobra Squeeze

The Cobra Squeeze (RRP £175/$195, available on Amazon) looks small on the outside but boasts a deceptively decent internal capacity.

Its turtle-shell-like dome shape means it keeps its shape and distributes weight even when packed with a 15-inch MacBook Pro (with extra padding in the pocket) and all your other goodies – such as second-screen iPad, as there’s a separate compartment for multiple device storage.

There’s a smaller zipped quick-access top pocket for your phone, keys, headphones, etc. This is beautifully lined to protect your phone from scratches, and feels like a luxury glove. There is a side pocket on either side of the bag – one with built-in key holder.

The Cobra Squeeze has looks to match your precious MacBook, in a monochrome grey, with water-repellent canvas-like fabric.

Each bag includes a serial number tracking system to help recover your bag, so the reasonably hefty price-tag is covered in the case of emergency.

While on the pricey side, the elegant and low-profile Booq Cobra Squeeze looks the business, and is a quality backpack that hasn’t skimped on the build or the details.

Moshi Costa Satchel Bag

Moshi Costa Satchel Bag

Marketed specifically for the 15” MacBook Pro, this lightweight travel bag has plenty of space to protect all your technology while travelling. With a number of compartments to separate your belongings, the polyester and faux leather blend is highly durable, so it will be able to handle long periods of travel and repel various weather conditions.

The bag includes an optional shoulder strap, which Moshi claims reduces shoulder strain by up to 30% when compared to similar luggage. The dedicated laptop compartment is highly padded, and despite being designed for 15” devices it should be suitable for all laptops and tablets. There is also a protective bag included for extra protection.

The hard-shelled front compartment is specifically designed to protect fragile items such as your smartphone or sunglasses. While it may be too large for many people’s everyday use, this bag has been made with travel in mind, including a rear trolley strap for easy attachment to a wheeled suitcase.

The bag comes with a guaranteed one-year warranty, and while it might be considered expensive for a satchel bag, the premium design and flexibility it offers help it to stand out from the competition.


Toffee Slim Leather sleeve

The stylish Slim Leather sleeve, from Australian Mac lovers Toffee, is streamlined but with enough space to carry your MacBook, phone, cards and documents. The sleeve is reassuringly padded for laptop protection.

The leather outer is just as durable and features a non-crease pinstripe lining and robust corner YKK zips. There’s an internal slip pocket for your phone and cards. It’s available in ether Black or Tan, for the 13in and 15in MacBook Pro, and will also fit the the Air and 12.9in iPad Pro.

Prices start at £69.40/$91.91/€81.64 and include shipping, direct from Toffee.


Caseable Laptop Sleeves

Not only does Caseable offer a variety of different designs for its laptop sleeves, it also lets you create your own. So if none of the existing designs do it for you, you can use their online tool to create a completely custom, unique design. 

The good news is that their neoprene sleeves are great quality too, so they're not just about looks. We've linked to their 15-inch selection above, but they also have a full range of 13in MacBook Pro sleeves (£44.90) to choose from too.

Speck Ruck Backpack

Speck Ruck Backpack

Speck may be best known for its clip-on smartphone and laptop cases, like the one featured above, but it also produces a small line of larger bags.

One of those is The Ruck, a 28-litre rucksack that should fit any laptop up to 15in - including any model of MacBook Pro - in its dedicated, padded laptop compartment.

There's also a separate padded section for a tablet, and a variety of other pockets and pouches for your other gadgets and gear. The straps are all padded with a mesh material, and the bag is available in grey (pictured) or khaki. 

Incase Rucksack

Incase Icon Pack Backpack

As well as the sleeve in this article, Incase makes a solid, all-rounder of a laptop bag. Owners of either the 13 or 15in MacBook Pro could be persuaded.

It's a pretty big backpack, but that means you can fit your computer and all possible accessories in there for a comfortable carry all day. Organisation pockets mean you can safely carry flat documents as well as chuck in all your chargers and gear.

There's even space for an iPad with a side-access pocket, and a discreet slot to feed a power pack cable from inside to charge something in a side pocket. Fully featured indeed.

There's also a smaller 'Lite' version for £89.99/US$89.95.

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve

If you're on a budget (after presumably spending every penny you had on the Touch Bar MacBook itself), then look no further than the Amazon Basics laptop sleeves. They come in a variety of sizes and five different colours, and offer really solid laptop protection for less than a tenner. 

They're aren't any special features or slick designs here: just a basic laptop sleeve, though there is a flap on the inside of the zip to keep your laptop safe from scratches. If you don't need any bells and whistles, this case will have you sorted.

Inateck Case

Inateck MacBook Pro Case

Available in both 13-inch and 15-inch (£15.99/$18.99) sizes, and in a choice of two colours, the Inateck MacBook Pro cases are some of the most attractive you can get without spending too much. The case is made of high quality grey felt, with a flannel lining to keep your laptop scratch-free. It's also mould-resistant, in case you were worrying about that.

There are a couple of pockets that can carry some slim accessories like notebooks or your phone, while you'll also get an extra matching pouch that will carry bulkier peripherals like the charger cable. 

Thule Gauntlet

Thule 15in Gauntlet Bag

If you feel the need to protect your MacBook Pro from anything up to and including a tank (well, maybe not quite that extreme...) then you might want to invest in Thule's Gauntlet bag. We've linked to the 15-inch version above, but it's also available for 13in MacBooks (£69.99/$79.93). Either way, you're getting a rugged, rigid bag that offers plenty of protection. 

You have the choice between top handles or a removable shoulder strap, and the spacious design leaves plenty of space for any other gadgets and accessories you need to lug around with you. The clamshell design has also been set up so that you can use your MacBook within the bag when it's open, so there's no need to keep taking it in and out.

STM Judge Messenger Bag

STM Judge Laptop Bag

This STM messenger bag is designed to carry any laptop up to 15in, so will happily fit either a 13 or 15in MacBook Pro - though obviously the latter would have a snugger fit. 

The Judge has both a shoulder strap and handles and features a quilted interior to cushion your device. It also uses a combination of a suspended sling and additional front and corner padding to protect your MacBook from any knocks or impacts, so you don't have to worry too much about dropping the bag or setting it down too roughly.

The Judge's straps are adjustable too, and a cable management system keeps all your accessories and peripherals neatly organised.

Woolnut leather sleeve

Woolnut MacBook Pro 2016-2018 15in Sleeve

Woolnut, a small Swedish company that specialises in leather MacBook sleeves, is one of the first companies to design a case specifically for the dimensions of the 2016 MacBook models. You can buy the MacBook Pro sleeves in two colours (Black and Cognac) for either the 13in (€72.50/£61.79/US$81.63) or 15in (€99/£85/$111.60) model.

See all Woolnut sleeves here.